Driving in New York City - What You Need to Know?

Driving in New York City - What You Need to Know?

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before driving in New York City.

New York City is a treat. It is a subject to the fascination of every first-time visitor. Be it shopping, food, sightseeing, or trade, NYC captures the attention of every beholder.

However, driving in New York City is a topic of skepticism. The roads are always busy, the parking stations are never available, and the pedestrians are always in a hurry. Ask anyone, and they would recommend you to walk around or use public transportation.

However, if you want to drive around in the city, you should know a few things beforehand (yes, except the problems.) Here are some tips to drive safely in and around NYC.

Must-Knows Before Driving in the New York City

Be Mindful of the Speed Limit

The default speed limit in NYC is 25 miles per hour. It is unlikely that you get a chance to drive beyond it, given the traffic. However, even if you do, be wary of crossing it.

The roads here are bustling at all times. If not vehicles, then there are pedestrians, street vendors, and cyclists moving around at speed. Even if you are not rash driving, going high speed can cost you speeding tickets.

Follow the Road Rules

Following traffic rules is necessary everywhere. However, you might get away with it in your home city. In NYC, the police are waiting for you at every corner to break a rule. Some of the rules that are different in NYC are -

  • You cannot take a right turn on a red signal unless there is a signboard stating otherwise.
  • Always look for signboards and follow them. At certain hours of the day, you cannot take the left turn due to rush hour or other reasons.
  • If the green signal is about to turn red, do not get going. If you get stuck in the middle of the intersection, you have to bear heavy fines.
  • Using cell phones or any other handheld device is illegal while driving.

Parking Can Be a Task

Free of charge parking spots are always occupied here. Paid parking spots are bound to cost you heavily. Do not park your vehicle in a no-parking zone since fines are heavy. Also, park at least 15 away from fire hydrants, or you may invite a car tow operator. The best alternative is to book a parking spot beforehand in a garage.

The Rush Hours

Every hour in NYC is rush hour. You may never find light traffic on the roads, let alone clear roads.

However, avoid driving between 7-9 in the morning and 4-7 in the afternoon. Saturdays in the evenings are the worst. Bridges and tunnels are always in congestion.

Watch Out for Pedestrians in NYC are daring and carefree. If you are expecting them to be around only crosswalks, we need to burst your bubble. No one sticks to legal intersections here. Pedestrians may jump in whenever they spot a chance, unconcerned by the green lights and vehicles. So, always be aware of your surroundings.

Driving in NYC can be both fun and stressful. However, you may get used to it in a while. All we would say is, stay safe, and enjoy your journey!

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