Online Coding Classes Keep Kids Happy, Safe, and Productive from Home

Online Coding Classes Keep Kids Happy, Safe, and Productive from Home tells how online coding can be helpful for kids during the pandemic.

As the pandemic continues past the one-year mark, kids need safe, fun, and productive hobbies they can do from home more than ever. Life has been upended in many ways, large and small — young children lost a year of play and socialization with their friends.

Parents have burned the candles at both ends to adjust to working remotely while providing for all their family’s needs. The rise of online coding classes for kids has given children something fun and productive they can do from home.

Learning for Fun

Most coding classes teach programming concepts by allowing kids to design and code their own video games. Children need a fun and uplifting hobby right now that excites them, so keeping them in the familiar world of video games is crucial.

Everyone is dealing with unusual stress and anxiety levels, including kids. It’s a great thing for kids to undergo extra-curricular educational activities, but they should emphasize short-term pleasure.

Learning to code will teach kids important STEM skills and introduce them to what could be their future career, but those things are secondary to ensuring they have an hour or two of fun. That’s why most of the teachers are Computer Engineering undergrads who skew on the younger side, as they grew up playing video games themselves and can relate to the kids.

Professional Coding Languages

While kids’ short-term needs take priority right now, online coding classes will give them fundamental tools they can use down the road as they continue their coding journey or even in their careers. Coding classes should have a ratio of four students per teacher so that each child gets the attention they need to absorb what will likely be new material for them.

Kids may learn to code when they’re young, but classes go far beyond basic drag-and-drop languages. Your child will learn to use Python, Java, C#, and C++, languages professional video game developers use.

Safe and Easy from Home

While programs have taught coding to kids for years, many have invested lately in their online operations by purchasing a content management system and other things on the back-end to improve how classes are taught.

Home coding lessons only require equipment you are probably already using every day — a computer, microphone, and a standard webcam. If you have conducted meetings for work or video conversations with friends and family, you have all the equipment you need to learn how to code from home.

While the COVID-19 vaccine is on the horizon, everyone must continue to abide by local health experts’ recommendations. Online coding classes are safe for lockdown, so there won’t be any disruptions to your child’s learning.

Any parent who has managed to keep themselves and their family safe while navigating the various travails of COVID-19 deserves to feel proud! If you’re looking for a hobby that is productive and safe to do in a pandemic, consider signing up your kids for online coding lessons.

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