Pakistani Religious Party TLP Calls a Halt to Countrywide Fuss as NA puts French Ambassador’s Eviction to Vote

Pakistani Religious Party TLP Calls a Halt to Countrywide Fuss as NA puts French Ambassador’s Eviction to Vote

National protest ends in Lahore, as the government agrees to debate the French ambassador’s dismissal.

(KISS PR Pakistan News Bureau) - The outlawed Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) ended its eight-day-long sit-in outside Lahore's Masjid Rehmatulil Alameen, as well as other locations around the country, after the Federal Government puts a vote in motion to dismiss the French envoy in National Assembly.

The government, on the other hand, opted not to revoke the TLP's suspension, which had already been levied for the party spreading nationwide chaos for nearly a week. The government further refused to drop the murder charges filed against protesters of the outlawed organization.

The protest began on April 12 following the detention of the outlawed organization's leader Saad Rizvi, which brings an end to a devastating week that resulted in many law enforcement officers getting killed or kidnapped. Hundreds of people got injured during the clashes between demonstrators and police departments as the riot escalated throughout the country.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and Religious Affairs Minister Noorul Haq Qadri informed the members about the agreement made with Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) during a conference of the PTI parliamentary party led by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

As per Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhry's statement, the TLP decided to call off its nationwide demonstration as the government agreed to its insistence that a vote must be passed within National Assembly about whether or not the French envoy should be dismissed.

Today, the National Assembly issued a motion establishing a special commission to oversee the eviction, and the discussion would resume on Friday. The government had delayed the meeting for two days but then unexpectedly announced it, according to PPP's Information Secretary, Dr. Nafisa Shah.

In a tweet, PPP's Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto, said that the ruling government was attempting to take cover behind the National Assembly after mismanaging the matter.

Meanwhile, Shafiq Amini, the TLP's representative, announced the end of the strike, which was witnessed by members of the shura (council).

"By proposing the agreement in assembly, the government upheld its commitment," Amini said. "At this stage, we don't need to protest anymore." Riots in Lahore and all around the country had been called off, he further added.

Roadways outside the protest site in Lahore became opened to the public as soon as the statement was released. The outlawed organization's members started to scatter.


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