How does White Label SEO Work?

How does White Label SEO Work?

Fabryka Marketingu explains what White Label SEO is, and how it works.

SEO is becoming a more and more popular buzzword in the world of digital marketing. If you own a website, you probably need it to maintain on top and outrun all of your competitors. Nevertheless, there are different ways to get on the highest position in the Google search results. One of them is white label SEO which gains more popularity each year and becomes a quite frequently used solution.

What is white label SEO?

You may associate white label SEO with so-called white hat SEO, which is a totally different thing. White hat SEO is a set of techniques adapted on a website and directed to its users instead of Google algorithms. White label SEO, on the other hand, means that a “silent” professional SEO provider can work under your brand’s name and provide your customers with magnificent results from the back seat. Usually, such an agency offers a comprehensive service that includes all of the backend work but also the communication with your clients. Still, it doesn’t share its identity.

When do you need white label SEO?

White label SEO is a solution for companies that already work with their customer’s websites. They may provide them with different marketing tools and strategies, create interfaces, complex store’s backend, plugins, etc. Using the services of a silent SEO provider makes their offer even more full-blown. Offering their clients such a comprehensive service can make them more competitive and appealing.

Benefits of white label SEO

If your customer’s looking for complex services under one roof, he doesn’t have to look any further because you can provide him with your usual products along with an additional professional SEO campaign. This way, you avoid the risk of your competitors stealing a client with a better offer. What else?

  • You have an opportunity to reach new clientele, which has been unsurpassed earlier on.
  • White label SEO agencies can offer better prices because they don’t have to spend their time and money advertising their brand. Thus, you can provide your customers with more competitive offers, too.
  • Dividing one project into two different companies will let it be finished faster for your client’s and your own benefit.

How to choose a white label SEO company?

If you’re thinking about such cooperation, it’s quite essential to pick a professional company that’ll provide your customers with the highest standard of services and best results. Remember that all the work is going to be branded by your company’s name, so every mistake or inconvenience will land on your account.

First, find out how long the company has been on the market and how many people it hires. If it’s possible, check the resumes of employees that’ll be working under your guidelines and ask the agency for a list of their case studies. Did they work with similar products and solutions? Do they know the market, and do they really know what they’re doing? If they guarantee quick results – run. SEO takes time, and the first effect can be visible not earlier than after a few weeks or even months.

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