Summer Napier and Her Exemplary Approach Towards the Healthcare Sector

Summer Napier was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

Summer Napier, CEO & President, Healing Hands Healthcare, LLC and Little Black Bag House Calls, LLC, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

Summer Napier, CEO & President at Healing Hands Healthcare, LLC and Little Black Bag House Calls, LLC, discusses her mission to provide home-based healthcare to everyone in this interview. She credits strong values and healthy company culture as the decisive factor in her organization's success in doing healthcare differently.

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After working in the traditional healthcare industry for over 10 years, Summer realized that her mission lay on a different path from the corporate environment, which led her to the vision for Healing Hands Healthcare, LLC. Aimed at providing home-based care to homebound and geriatric patients, her organization is committed to optimizing care, controlling cost, and ensuring the highest quality.

In a leap of faith, Summer left the corporate world and with Sara Tyra, her business partner, set out with their idea to do healthcare differently. Crediting her success to the dedicated team at Healing Hands Healthcare, she shares, “I was fortunate and blessed to have the best people around me!"

Company and Culture

Healing Hands Healthcare, LLC, was initiated to change the dynamics of the healthcare industry, to make it more considerate and personal. Their mission is to operate as a "Healthcare Ministry." The company has also responded to the pandemic by assisting local hospitals in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic through their innovative and collaborative Hospital at Home Program, which provides hospital-level care in the comfort of the patient's home. This program has a 95% success rate of preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and rehospitalizations and allowed the patient's in their community to get a higher level of care when the hospitals were at maximum capacity.

Identifying the problems associated with visiting the doctor physically, Summer was quick to notice a need gap in the community. This led to the formation of Little Black Bag House Calls, LLC, which deals in providing providers for the homebound population--"turning your living room into a waiting room," as Summer puts it. Summer found that one of the issues she was constantly coming up against was homebound patients' inability to get to a form a brick and mortar healthcare facility for basic care. This often was due to unavailable transportation and working-age children who could not constantly be taking off work to spend the day transporting their parents to and from doctor's offices and clinics. Thus, Little Black Bag House Calls was born, a "walk-in clinic on wheels" to meet this unmet need.

Summer contributes her success in business and building a winning culture to the “golden rule: treat people as you want to be treated." By always putting their people first, the company has maintained a less than 10% turnover rate since inception and has maintained a close sense of community in their organization.

The Advice

Drawing on insights from her own experiences, Summer places high regard for the fundamental values and core morals that an individual must embrace. Summer advises, "Never forget why you started.” On those hard days, remember why you got out of bed. And on the good days, never sway from that mission.

What's Next

With the idea of expansion, Summer wishes to move community by community and gradually take her healthcare movement across the nation.


Summer Napier is the Founder and CEO of Healing Hands Healthcare and Little Black Bag House Calls. Summer is a motivated and focused executive leader who is passionate about solving complex business challenges and applying innovative thinking to advance home-based healthcare. Summer has more than ten years of experience in-home care, with the past 6+ years being in executive-level management. As an active member in the community and profession, Summer serves on boards and councils and enjoys participating in speaking engagements. Summer is an active member in both the Texas Association of Home Care & Hospice and the National Association of Home Care & Hospice. Summer is certified as a Home Care Specialist in Compliance and a Home Care Specialist in Oasis. She holds a Bachelors in Science of Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington and will graduate in the Summer of 2021 with her Masters in Business Administration and 2022 with her Masters in Legal Studies in Healthcare Law.

To learn more about the organizations, visit Healing Hands Healthcare, LLC here and Little Black Bag House Calls, LLC here.

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