AP News Submission: How to Get Your News to APNews.com Press Release Using KISS AP

AP News Submission: How to Get Your News to APNews.com Press Release

Learn how to get your press release published on APNews.com.

AP News or the Associated Press has a whopping monthly average traffic of 35.60 million. They are one of the most reputable news websites worldwide, and getting your press release published on their platform can help boost the visibility of your news story and improve your brand's image.

Publishing your news story on AP News is an excellent decision as they distribute news on a national scale, and their articles get picked up by a large number of newspapers, blogs, and other sources.

How to Submit your Press Release to AP News

If you plan to distribute your press release to AP News, you have two options to do it. You can either send it directly to them or use a press release distribution agency to do it for you.

Submitting your press release directly to AP News doesn't guarantee immediate publication. You never knew where your article's queue is in the hundreds or thousands of submissions that AP receives daily. But if you want to try your luck, you may send your press release to [email protected].

On the other hand, when you submit your press release through a press release distribution agency, such as KISS PR Brand Story, the publication is guaranteed to meeting KISS PR guidelines and the turnaround time is less than 24 hours.

Depending on your press release distribution needs, you may choose either of the two, but we highly recommend the latter to save you time and resources.

When to Write and Submit a Press Release to AP News Online

Releasing a news story can improve your brand's recall and get you backlinks and traffic from high authority news websites but make sure each story you release is newsworthy.

Only write and distribute a press release every time there's an important update about your company or brand, such as product launching, partnership announcement, onboarding of new employees, sales milestone, company outreach, and the like.

When you submit through a press release distribution agency, you can get the help of a PR specialist who can guide you from releasing a news story, distribution to publication, and report generation.

How to Get Your Press Release Approved for AP News

To get your press release approved for publication on AP News, you must write it in standard AP format. Your news story should highlight the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, and Why).

Since they distribute press releases nationally, you should make sure that it is free from grammar errors, typos and must adhere to standard writing conventions.

When writing your press release, make sure that your headline or title reflects the gist of your story. It is an essential part of your press release as it informs your potential readers what your news story is all about.

The Downside of Distributing a Press Release On Your Own

When you distribute a press release on your own, you need to create a database where you list the contact details of the journalists that you want to take notice of your news. If you don't have the time for this, you can also buy this list online.

Although sending your press release on your own doesn't cost you money, it would cost you your precious time and other resources, and there's no guarantee that AP News will publish your submission. Imagine spending all that time crafting your news story and creating a journalist database, but your press release ended up not getting published on time, or worse not published at all.

Suppose you think doing your press release distribution is not efficient and not cost-effective. In that case, you may consider distributing and publishing it through a press release distribution company such as KISS PR Brand Story.

Importance of Getting the Help from Press Release Experts

Crafting a compelling and professional press release and distributing it to top news websites need an efficient system and help from experts to yield great results. A PR expert can guide you in developing news stories that highlight your brand's uniqueness and strengths.

When distributing press releases, getting the help of a PR distribution firm, such as KISS PR Brand Story, is a wise decision as they already have established relationships with top news websites. You don't need to go searching for journalist contact details nor worry if your press release will be published or not. Every press release submitted is guaranteed to be posted on AP News as long as it abides by AP News guidelines and press release standards.

Send Press Release to AP News Through KISS PR Brand Story

Submitting a press release to AP News using KISS PR Brand Story's newsroom is very easy. You only need to purchase the AP News single release package, and your article will be published on AP News with a 24-hour turnaround time.

Aside from branding, public relations, and distribution, KISS PR Brand Story also incorporates the latest SEO technology into its storytelling platform to boost the visibility of the press releases they published.

KISS PR Brand Story's storytelling platform has already helped more than 42,000 brands and businesses worldwide get their press release published on AP News and other top news websites.

For more information, contact KISS PR to send your news, product announcements or business press releases.

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