What to Expect Before, During, and After Kybella

What to Expect Before, During, and After Kybella

Miracle Face Med Spa NYC tells the DOs and DON'Ts of Kybella treatment.

Double chins are really annoying. Everyone knows that. Some people are perfectly happy with their bodies and have no trouble with a little extra fat under their chin, which is a very healthy mentality to have. You should always love the way you look and appreciate your body for the way that it is.

However, for those who do not wish to see a double chin in the mirror or in their selfies, there are multiple options available, including surgical and minimally invasive approaches. Kybella injections have grown very popular as a non-surgical alternative. As with any plastic surgery procedure, costs are always an important consideration. In New York, double chin removal cost with Kybella is variable and depends on multiple factors. Manhattan has become home to some of the best practitioners who perform this amazing treatment without breaking your bank, and Miracle Face MedSpa is one of them. Their results speak for themselves as patients are surprised to find a perfectly smooth neck and chin area after the treatment.

But Kybella injections remain a mystery for many people. Not everyone knows how the treatment works, what it does, and most importantly: what to expect from it. The good news is that we are here to offer you as much information as possible on this miraculous treatment so you can be more confident during your next appointment.

Before the Treatment

The Kybella treatment doesn’t start the second that the injections are administered. There are some pre-procedural responsibilities you should take care of before the treatment can begin. These are not necessarily specific to Kybella but are generally required for most cosmetic treatments. There is no such thing as being “too safe.” Cosmetic practitioners want to ensure their clients’ health and safety.

First and foremost: patients need to check up with their medical professional before making an appointment. The Kybella injections are quite safe. However, our bodies are different. You never know how your body is going to react to a particular compound until you have tested it or consulted with a medical professional who knows your body better than anyone else. This is true with most cosmetic treatments, not just Kybella.

You will be checked for allergic reactions as well as anything else that comes up. Other than that, there are also a few precautions that must be taken for you to be a proper candidate for Kybella. The minimum age of treatment, as with any other cosmetic procedure, is 18. Any younger and you will not be qualified for treatment. Also, there has to be some amount of fat stored under the chin. Otherwise, there is no reason why you should be treated in the first place.

During the Procedure

As was already mentioned, the procedure is injection-based, making it minimally invasive and barely damaging to your body. Injections are great because they make only microscopic holes in the skin as opposed to the larger incisions and cuts that other procedures make that require weeks, sometimes even months, to recover properly. But with injections, the recovery time is significantly shorter, leaving you with fewer side effects to worry about afterward.

The injected compound is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a kind of stomach juice that specializes in burning away the fat that you consume in your food. So naturally, this makes it the perfect compound for burning away excess fat. By injecting it into the areas under the chin, the synthetic deoxycholic acid burns through the fat cells, slowly causing as little damage to the surrounding tissue as possible.
Now you should be warned that because of the nature of the compound, it will cause a burning sensation for a little bit after the initial injections. This is not very pleasant; however, it is nothing you won’t be able to bear through. Thousands of individuals have gone through the treatment and found few to no problems with the side effects.

Speaking of which, after the procedure, you will experience swelling, aching, and a little itchiness, which is completely natural. And the best part about it is that the side effects go away on their own in no time. You will need two to four sessions for the treatment to produce full results. This is done to avoid overwhelming your body and causing unnecessary pain. With two weeks of interval time between each session, your body will have enough time to recover from the injections and be ready for the next set.

In total, it will take around 2 months for the full treatment.

After the Treatment

As the results slowly set in, you will notice how the chin, neck, and jawline smooth out and become chiseled as they were before the fat buildup. While the results are going to set in a bit slowly, you will visually be able to tell the difference.

And then one day, you’re going to wake up and see that the double chin is gone and you have a perfectly smooth chin. You will not only see it in the mirror and in selfies but also feel the results, and that area of the body gets less sweaty and swollen, which usually happens as a result of having excess fat.

There are few responsibilities you will need to take care of after the treatment is finished, as Kybella does not really ask much of you other than to be patient. Most practitioners and specialists recommend not touching and feeling the area too much after the procedures to allow for the compound to work undisturbed. While there are very few dangers of anything going wrong, it is still very important to proceed with extra caution to not only avoid unwanted consequences but also get the best results from the treatment.

And with that, you will have no problems achieving a smooth jawline and neck without the hassle that comes with going to the gym and dieting. Kybella is a great alternative for those looking for a quick way to burn away excess fat with as few side effects and as short of a recovery time as possible.

In New York, it is critical that the medspa employs board-certified physicians and other healthcare professionals to avoid serious complications from the treatment.

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