7 Must-Go Places in Santa Monica if You are Planning a Trip to the Beachfront City - KISS Best Reports

7 Must-Go Places in Santa Monica, CA - KISS Best Reports

Due to a favorable climate and close proximity to Los Angeles, Santa Monica became a famed resort town by the early 20th century. KISS Best provides 7 must-go places in Santa Monica.

If you are you are planning to take a tour to Santa Monica this year, then you need to know those 7 must-go places in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica is a beachfront city and situated in West Los Angeles. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to enjoy their summer vacations at its beach. But you should keep in mind that other than beech, there are many other tourist attractions as well. It has a population of 99,577 people and contains a variety of cultures. The people of Santa Monica are quite friendly and generous. Let’s take a tour to 7 must-go places in Santa Monica.

1. Palisades Park

If you want to enjoy the stunning and breath-taking view of the ocean, then visit Palisades Park. This park also contains a magnificent view of the Santa Monica mountains. If you go to Santa Monica and don’t go to Palisades Park, believe me, you didn’t see anything.

2. Santa Monica Pier

It is the center point of Santa Monica beach with a thick crowd of tourists. If you are looking for a fun-loving place, then Santa Monica Pier is surely the one. It has many thrilling rides, including a roller coaster and Ferris Wheel. Many outdoor events happen on and off at the Pier. You can listen to live music and play many games as well.

3. Third Street Promenede

It is situated on the third street from Wilshire Boulevard to Colorado Avenue. Spending time there makes you feel pleasant and relaxed. You can click your perfect Instagram pictures there.

4. Tongva Park

Tongva Park is also a worth visiting place in Santa Monica. The park has beautiful waterfalls, sculptures, playgrounds, jogging tracks, and meadows. If you are planning to on picnic with your family or friends on a sunny holiday, do pay a visit to Tongva Park.

5. Aero Theatre

Aero theatre was built in Santa Monica on 19 June 1939. It contains the rich history of the American screen and has appeared in many films like 10 to Midnight and sleepwalkers. Imagine watching a movie, and there is a surprise director appearance by the end of the movie. It’s quite normal in Aero Theatre.

6. The Muscle Beach

The muscle beach is the birthplace of the physical fitness boom. It has beautiful workout playgrounds and gymnasts tackles. Are you obsessed with being physically fit and fond of gymnastics? The Muscle Beach is waiting for you then.

7. Santa Monica State Beach

If you are a beach person, then Santa Monica State Beach is worth visiting. It contains the peaceful sound of the ocean waves along with the festivities. Especially in summer, it becomes very crowded and more lively.

The Give-Away

Santa Monica is full of lively and peaceful places. It is enriched with blended cultures and colorful evenings. Generous people there make it more lively and colorful. If you are planning your summer trip for 2021, make Santa Monica your 1st priority. Are you ready to explore the beauty of Santa Monica?

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