Things You Must Do while Staying in Irvine, CA - KISS Best Reports

Things You Must Do while Staying in Irvine - KISS Best Reports

Irvine is a master city in the metropolitan region of Orange County, California, USA. KISS Best tells 6 things you must do in Irvine, California.

Irvine is a city in California that has many pleasing sights for visitors. According to, in 2008, Irvine was the fourth best place to live in the United States. It has a population of 100,000, and you would be surprised to know that it is the safest city in America. What would be more relaxing for a tourist than knowing that the country he or she is traveling to is the safest one?

Get ready as we are about to take a tour to the safest city in America, having magnificent views all around.

  1. Picnic at Orange Country Great Park 

Orange Country Great Park is the most famous and most visited place in Irvine. You can spend a whole day here and can enjoy a relaxing picnic at this park. It has many fun activities. The orange country great park also has a huge sports complex and stunning art exhibits.

2. Visit Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend city children’s museum is a very worthy place, and your kids would love to visit such a fun as well as informative place. Your kids can enjoy exploring new things there. In a single building, there are 17 exhibits of the post office, grocery store, theatre cafe, and many more.

3. Chill at Irvin Spectrum Centre

It is one of the most popular shopping and dining spots in California. It has around 130 stores in it. There are restaurants, entertainment venues, and clubs all around. No matter what type of company you have, it has such a wide range of activities that nobody can get bored there.

4. Enjoy Greenery at Tanaka Farms

Are you a big admirer of natural greenery? Tanata farms are one of the oldest farms in California operating since 1940, but it is opened for tourists recently. You would love your farm tour at Tanaka. The best thing is they give you a brief tour to every corner of the farm on the wagon, and at the end of your trip, you can pick anything from the Tanaka farm. Isn’t it exciting?

5. Hike at Bommer Canyon Trail

If you love hiking, then Bommer Canyon provides you with breathtaking sightseeing along with a beautiful hiking track. The trail is 4.6 miles long, and if you want to explore more, you would be happy to know that Quail Hill Loop Trail is near too. You can also do biking and horse riding.

6. Attend Global Village Festival

Attending the global village festival while staying at Irvin is the best thing you would do. It is held in September every year in Bill Barber Park. It depicts the culture and tradition of Orange Country. You can enjoy amazing live performances there as well as you can try different foods from different countries with no charges. Wow! All this enjoyment without any cost.

The Give-Away

Being the safest city in America, Irvine provides you the best entertainment places, and it’s up to you how you manage to enjoy things there. If you have a shortage of time and want to cover the important sights of Irvine, then go for the above-mentioned amazing places and enjoy. I wish you happy summer ahead.

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