Funny Hamster Tries To Escape DIY Minecraft Maze Game: Full Adventure Series at Homura Ham Channel

Hamster in Minecraft Maze - Homura Ham

Homura Ham is back with even more mazes as Their Youtube channel gets bigger.

It's no secret that hamsters are one of the most popular pets in the world. From hamster ball races to hamster hair dye, there is always something new happening with these furry creatures. Now hamsters don't have to watch videos anymore because they can be a part of them.

If you ever wanted to see a hamster try to escape from a Minecraft maze, now it's your chance. Homura Ham is a Youtube channel where you can find funny and cute hamster clips created by Art Nes, who loves building wold-class mazes for his furry hero. There are different adventures on each video, such as Minecraft prisons, Lego land, Super Mario maze, McDonald's, police office, and even an underwater maze built professionally to mimic the actual scene. There are also DIY tutorials on making these at home so your little friend will never get lost in their new adventure.

Check on this short video on hamster vertical Minecraft house:

Why Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game released in 2009, and to date, it has sold over 144 million copies. Minecraft is a game where players explore the world and build shelters to defend their people from monsters. The gameplay revolves around breaking blocks to obtain resources used for crafting items that can be used to make other things like weapons or hamster homes.

Minecraft Hamster Maze

If you search on Youtube or Google for "hamster maze", 90% of the results show hamster videos in Minecraft maze. Hamsters are unique pets, but they need exercise to lose weight, and a labyrinth is a perfect option for them. The maze game is all about escaping from an enclosed space by solving puzzles. Minecraft is famous in the hamster maze race because hamsters find it challenging to climb up the walls, and it's fun to watch them trying to escape the Minecraft world. Every time they try, it seems like there's no way out. Finally, only the smart ones can get away.

Are there hamsters in Minecraft?

Yes, hamsters are one of the most common animals in Minecraft. They are found in the desert and beach biomes coordinate 229, 64, 334. This is another reason Minecraft maze is famous for the hamster race game. If you search for hamster videos on YouTube or Google, 90% of results will show hamster maze games in Minecraft, showing different biomes. Homura Ham itself has 19 videos about Minecraft maze on its channel.

Check out the complete playlist here:

About Homura Ham

Based on their cute hamster Youtube channel,, Homura Ham started to upload their video in April 2019 with a hamster playing with popsicle craft. With dedicated work, they now have more than 600k subscribers and nearly 200 videos. Homura Ham has a great concern for their furry actor's being as an entertainment and education channel. There are snack stations on a complex maze, and of course, no pets are harm during production time. Fun to watch, but it's more fun to do it at home. Homura's channel also provides DIY tutorials to build your maze at home with simple supplies.

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