How to Conduct an Instagram Audit for Your Business Account - A Complete Guide

Conduct an Instagram Audit for Your Business Account - A Complete Guide

Here is a complete guide on how to audit your Instagram account.

If you are running a business account on Instagram, it is always a good idea to go for Instagram audits. Not only do these audits help you to in aligning your set business goals, but they also help to curate your content and posts in the best possible manner.

You will be able to examine your profile more decisively with these audits. It is just like deep cleaning your whole account and Instagram posts, captions, feeds, or IGTV videos examination will help you check that you are on the right track.

Have you completed your Instagram audits? If not, in today's blog post, we will be helping you with a step-by-step guide so that you can achieve the best business output from Instagram.

1. Identify Your Clear Objective and KPIs

    Firstly, it is substantial to have a look at whether the content you are posting on your business account is synchronizing with your business profile or not. It is crucial to post content that is relevant to your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). For example: posting personal pictures which do not represent any bits about your professional life is not a good idea. It might be possible that people identify your account as irrelevant.

    Alignment between your objectives/intentions and content imitates your account as professional, goal-oriented, and relevant.

    2. Inspect Your Profile

    Inspect your Instagram profile properly

      This is an essential step. Your Instagram bio is not very lengthy and extensive, and we know you cannot add a lot of information to it. Therefore, be very careful, write every word that is needed, and that counts. 150 characters of your bio should depict your aesthetics style, formal tone, and professionalism as an owner. Briefly describe what your account is about, services and products. Ensure to align your bio with your other social media pages or websites since it will enhance users' search.

      You may use your brand name as the username then the page name can be added to the tagline. If the username is already taken, you can also add it to the tagline instead. Always use a 180x180 size that is typically called standard size for the Instagram profile pictures.

      3. Branding, Aesthetics, and Tone

        Your social media account represents your brand aesthetics. Be it a color scheme, camera angles, hashtags, captions, or posts, it reflects you. Make sure that your profile is easily identifiable and aligned to your other media platforms. This synchronization will help followers who followed your Facebook or website and are new to your Instagram profile. Every brand carries a style; try to reflect your uniqueness from the content you post.

        4. Strategies for Using Hashtags

        Use hashtags to boost growth

          Hashtags are a brand's growth boosters. Once you have identified your niche and industry, try to include hashtags that are relevant to it. This will help you to come more in the search engine when people search under your niche. You can also see the most popular hashtag under your industry and include them in your posts or videos. Instagram allowed 30 hashtags should not be the same on all your posts. Try to be a little specific and use different hashtags under different posts.

          5. Consistent Content Posting

            Being consistent is the key to success, and the same is the case in your Instagram posts. Do not post tons of pictures in one day and disappear the whole week. This is not a recommended way. If you post a lot in one day, your audience might be bored seeing only you on Instagram, which may decrease your followers. Instead, posts consistently. You can see the peak hours when people use Instagram and can post then. Furthermore, decide the time and days when you will regularly post so that your followers better catch up to you.

            6. Interaction with Followers

              Have you evaluated your communication with your followers? This is very substantial. You should never give the impression that you ignore your followers and not pay attention to their messages. Whenever you get time, try to interact with them. You can also hire social media managing staff for this. Try to repost your followers, especially those that are relevant to you. If, as a brand, you receive any feedback, promptly share it. It will increase trustworthiness when other users see it.

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