E-Movement Releases Thor, a Feature-Packed Electric Bike for UK Roads

Thor has everything that defines this bike as “futuristic” and “efficient,” which makes it true to its name, “The RoadMaster.”

E-Movement is quite a popular name around the UK as an innovative manufacturer and seller of uniquely designed electric bikes in UK. E-Movement has just released their first model of an all-new electric mountain bike series, Thor, completely designed, developed, and manufactured by the brand itself. Thor, or alternatively labeled as “The RoadMaster,” is a feature-packed mountain bike series designed specifically for the roads around the UK.

The Thor is a hardtail electric mountain bike with fat tires, CarbonSmart body, and top-notch specs. The company has made it clear that although they have released the first model, the whole series will be packed with even better specifications.

The amazing thing about Thor is that it is integrated with different reputational branded components that only enhance its power and make it extremely durable.

● Bafang brushless geared rear hub motor; in 250 W and 350 W.

● Maxxis 27.5 x 2.35-inch forecaster tires; puncture-resistant; offer plenty of grips and controlled handling. The recommended tire pressure is 20 to 21 psi for adequate control of tires and prevention of tire-wobbling incidents.

● Concealed, rechargeable Samsung 36V 10Ah battery.

The Bafang Motor is a reputational name, having its motors fitted to most of the e-bikes today, and E-Movement has definitely upped its scale with the integration of such qualified components. The powerful motor allows the bike to reach the top speed of 25 kmh.

“Thor is as sustainable as it can get.”

For all its operating years, E-Movement has followed one vital concept, which is to make commuting smarter and sustainable. Looking at the range of diverse lines of electric vehicular series that E-Movement has offered till yet, it is applaudable how far the brand has come in its mission of providing a conversational way of transport. They have completely shifted the usual paradigm of getting from one place to another and have redefined the concept of energy conversion, shaping the future of transportation in the most innovative way possible. All of this has become visible to us in the form of new models of E-bikes and scooters by E-Movement, like Thor. Thor’s electronic integration, CarbonSmart production, motor power conversion, and concealed charging system have proved to the audience that it is a glimpse of the futuristic vehicle.

Thor’s CarbonSmart body and tires are innovatively manufactured for off-road terrains. When riding on well-surfaced and steep tracks, the design of production proves to be as strong and stable as you would expect it to be.

● The RST lockable hydraulic incredible front suspension that helps out with small bumps on the road; Sram8 speed gears and derailleurs.

● SRAM Thumb Shifter for easy access and convenient use.

● One reason behind stability is Thor’s aluminum pedals.

● Thor is the first of its kind to have professional Logan Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 160mm Disc to go with the other smart components of the bike.

● Thor is powered by five different levels of pedal assistance, but it comes as a huge surprise to the first users that the bike can range up to 50 Assisted Miles Pedlac.

● Thor is water-resistant IP65 rated; combine that with fat Maxxis tires, and it is ride-able in the rain as well.

● Front LED light, electric horn, rear light, stand, combination-protected padlock, tool kit, and free mudguards; all combined in one bike, are valued very high and are definitely deserving of applause.

● - It is important to note here that the LED light on the front has an automatic sensor; it turns on as the nighttime or usefulness is detected.


“The Road Master is an epitome of electronic integration.”

Thor has everything that defines this bike as “futuristic” and “efficient,” which makes it true to its name, “The RoadMaster.” For starters, the Bafang hub motor is paired with the Aluminum Alloy 6061 CarbonSmart sleek design frame, and that provides immense support for tires and keeps the bike incredibly gripping on all kinds of the road with a great weight-supporting range, supporting as much weight as 150 kg.

However, due to Thor’s complex and elaborate electronic and gear-shifting integration, the minimum age limit to ride the bike has been set as 16 years by the company.

One thing that really makes Thor a cutting-edge electric bike is the integration of a large digital-colored backlit LCD panel with a password-protected security system. The electric display not only showcases the bike’s sleek aesthetic, but it is very useful during the ride since it displays all the relevant information regarding power, trips, and speed. It also has an in-built USB port that can be used as a go-to charging spot for your handset on your bike, encouraging convenience and efficiency.

The specific model of Thor is released in four different, beautiful, and attractive colors; black, blue, green, and white.

Ever since the initial release, Thor has been on the receiving end of the overwhelming response from electric bike riders and enthusiasts. So far, the consumers are encouraging the branded components and efficient features that Thor has to offer. Most of them also appreciated the fact that the battery on the bike is irremovable and concealed, which makes it safer.

About the incredible suspension of the bike, one reviewer on YouTube said:

“The Logan hydraulic disc brakes deserve a special mention. I was aware of the anti-brand before testing the Thor, but these proved to be much more reliable and powerful, as well as progressive, meaning you can slow down as you want on steeper climbs and descents.”

Another reviewer said, “A solid purchase at an entry-level price, is ideal for those wanting to go on and about the trails.”

It is undoubted that E-Movement, an already well-established and popular producer of electric vehicles in the UK, has definitely upped its scale of design and production with the brilliant-featured Thor. And, as promised by the brand, the new models of Thor will include even more than an average customer expects, all at a surprisingly reasonable price.

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