Streetwear for the most discerning users? SneakerStudioPRM!

Streetwear for the most discerning users? SneakerStudioPRM!

SneakerStudioPRM is a new Premium boutique in which the world of streetwear visionaries blends with the universe of top designers from all over the globe.

If you’re into street style, you will definitely have noticed that these aesthetics was originally appreciated only by rebels, street artists, and sports professionals. It appealed to those who appreciated relaxed vibes, comfort, and nice looks. At the moment, we are witnessing a unique revival of interest in streetwear, which is now launched in a brand new variety. First, it was a source of inspiration for world-famous premium brands. And then? Explore SneakerStudioPRM!

When streetwear hits the catwalk...

It’s hard to neglect the impact of streetwear on contemporary fashion. Kicks, tracksuits, and workwear may have originated in sports stadiums or factories, but they soon won the hearts of users of all ages and classes all over the world. And no wonder. People appreciate the comfort and relaxed vibes that come with streetwear. And now also high-end designer has come to notice the potential of this style. These inspirations produced a range of new collections by premium brands.

An example of a high-end fashion brand inspired by streetwear is Wood Wood from Denmark. A while ago, this niche fashion designer specializing in workwear-inspired apparel was known only to a handful of fans. Now it’s a name familiar to all those who appreciate comfy garments with attractive design.

Another brand worth your attention is the Scandinavian Norse Projects. Its origins are similar to those of Wood Wood. The designers were fascinated by the versatility and flexibility of workwear and decided to respond to the growing needs of the public. As a result, they came up with a collection of high-quality apparel, which has become popular even among celebrities.

Last but not least, there is also Maharishi a brand specializing in military garments. This is yet another trend we should mention. Bomber jackets, cargo pants, flight jackets – these items have been worn in the city streets for years. In the past, they were mainly popular among soldiers, but now they have become part of regular urban outfits.

SneakerStudioPRM – in response to growing needs

The needs of contemporary consumers are growing all the time. Nowadays, people want durable materials, perfect craftsmanship, and interesting design. What is more, they also want to be sure that the production process does not affect the natural environment. That’s why modern premium brands are doing their best to embrace sustainability and green technologies.

If you’re a fan of street style and always go for the best quality, explore the new premium brand known as SneakerStudioPRM. You will find streetwear for men and women as well as a range of accessories. These eye-catching designs are the work of the most experienced visionaries of high-end fashion.

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