Innovation in Smart Safety Glasses Technology and Its Ripe Benefits

Innovation in Smart Safety Glasses Technology and Its Ripe Benefits

Safety Eyeglasses some of the benefits of smart safety glasses technology.

Arguably, one of the most anticipated products in wearable safety technology, out right now is Smart Safety Glasses. Smart Glasses are responsible for renovated compliance management systems, maximization of enterprise value of companies and ensure a safe and healthy work environment. There are many companies in many different industries which are already utilizing Smart Glasses to change previous ineffective processes and build safe, integrated, state-of-the-art workplace management systems. In addition to the client or buyer companies, manufacturers have also shown great interest in creating innovative equipment to cater the very needs of the buyer company at customized or specialized level.

Harvest Technology Group specializes in remote connectivity of live audio-video streaming by optimizing the network. What makes them special is their capability of producing high definition output even at ultra-low bandwidth anywhere in the world be it land, air or the sea. Their products have been serving efficiently in many sectors but their contribution in the industrial sector has been phenomenal due to low-cost execution of remote industrial projects worldwide by dint of real-time audio–visual support for technicians anywhere on the globe, high-quality visuals for remote inspection of costly industrial equipment and enhanced safety level through remote control facility.

At the start of 2021, amid COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on travel and in-person meetings pertaining to distance restrictions, Harvest Technology Group grabbed an intriguing opportunity to broaden its wings to the new horizons and enter into the market of large scale safety equipment production. They signed an agreement with Iristick NV which is a renowned safety glasses manufacturer of the world. In recent times, clients have been utilizing smart safety glasses as multi-purpose tool rather than just passing instructions to front line staff.

Harvest group has collaborated with Iristick NV for integration of Infinity Nodestream and Warewolf technology into industrial smart glasses produced by Iristick NV. This integration of technologies has potential to bring about a functional revolution in Occupational Health and Safety sector by pushing the boundaries a step farther.

Iristick NV has a technical competitive advantage over its competitors as their wearables are equipped with dual cameras, zoom lens, barcode scanner, voice commands, unrestricted field of view, and boasting ‘full-shift’ battery capacity. They have generated hands-free remote access, work instruction guidance and pick-by- vision for frontline and field workers. Unlike competitors, Iristick enterprise wearable leverage the processing power of a smartphone, avoiding risk of radiation to the wearer and significantly reducing the cost of deployment.

Innovation Trends

Like other computers, smart glasses can amass information from both internal and external sensors. They possess the ability to control or retrieve data from other instruments or computers as well. These wearable support wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. They can also function as portable media players to send audio and video files to the user via a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi headset. Some models also feature full life logging and activity tracker capability through storing historical data.

Companies are using these smart safety glasses for real-time streaming to gather and store audio visual data. These devices have evolved a great deal in a relatively small amount of time which depicts the rise in demand due to diverse functionality and ability to analyze data to ensure effective and efficient decision making in an emergency situation which may save precious lives of frontline staff that put themselves at risk while performing important tasks to achieve the desired outcome.

Benefits of Smart Safety Glasses

These small packs of effectiveness and efficiency have many things to offer. Benefits of Smart Safety Glasses are, but not limited to the following;

  • Minimized Weight & Cost

The weight and cost of smart safety glasses have been minimized by two competing technologies: either the data is displayed in the field of vision by way of a mirror, or the images generated by a micro-projector are transmitted via an optical waveguide which is a light-conducting material invisible to the human eye which is further integrated into the glass.

  • More Efficiency in the Warehouse

The glasses are designed in a way that they become very comfortable even for an industrial worker to utilizing smart safety glasses in the workshop or warehouse. Logistics is an area with great potential of utilizing smart safety glasses. As one example, DHL Supply Chain recently carried out trials at its logistics center at Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands and efficiency of the staff increased by 25% immediately.

  • Maintenance and Repair, Remote Assistance and Troubleshooting

This is a very competent use of VR and AR headsets because doctors or engineers can attend matters remotely to do complicated and advanced tasks and repairs without having to travel or saving their time. With or without AR headsets, these can remotely collaborate by using live videos, chat, and AR remarks to explain what needs to be explained in the process.

  • Sustained Connection and Ultimate Remote Access

Smart Safety glasses operate at a very low bandwidth ensuring uninterrupted real-time connectivity anywhere in the world. Their ability to operate through android phones and leverage of batter helps ensure smooth connection and reliable gathering and analysis of onsite data.

  • Building and Construction Industry

More and more functions being integrated in smart wearable has helped identify them as the ultimate go-to choice in the building and construction industry. Smart Safety Glasses have made it possible to pass uninterrupted directions remotely with extreme accuracy yielding lower costs as engineers do not have to travel to the site and accurate calculations reduce wastage cost to minimum. Performing difficult tasks in potentially hazardous places have not been easier and safer before.

  • Complete Hands–Free Experience

Smart safety glasses have many things to offer but the most intriguing benefit they provide, especially in industrial tasks to the engineers and other technocrats is a complete hand-free experience with the most natural view possible of the situation which not only makes the task easier to perform but also enhance the efficiency of the whole crew remarkably without any extra effort being incurred. This feature separates them from other reactive personal protective equipment.

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