All Home Care Matters Podcast on Long-Term Care Winning Praise from Industry Leaders

Program has more than 2 million views on YouTube and thousands of downloads

All Home Care Matters, a leading podcast and YouTube channel focused on dementia, Alzheimer’s, caregiving and resources, has been winning plaudits from leading CEOs and executives in the field.

All Home Care Matters features a wide array of leading experts in the field of healthcare and long-term care who provide resources, tips and discussions on important age-related topics, and offers valuable insights and information for families and those caring for loved ones.

Recent discussions on the program included tips on how to cope and manage family members experiencing sundowners syndrome, which occurs when senior adults experience intense mood and behavioral changes when the sun goes down, and a show devoted to the best technology tips to help with caregiving. 

The show has featured software developers who have created new programs and apps to help support families and their loved ones as well as authors of books. Give how challenging caregiving can be, All Home Care Matters has tried to highlight some of the incredible technologies that make caregiving and senior living more efficient, organized, and even meaningful.

All Home Care Matters
All Home Care Matters program has more than 2 million views on YouTube and thousands of downloads.

All Home Care Matters has had more than 2 million views on YouTube, 30,000 YouTube subscribers and hundreds of thousands of downloads on podcast platforms like Amazon, iHeart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. The show is currently in discussions to establish a Roku TV partnership.

“We have the privilege of enriching the lives of our clients and their family members each day,” said a spokesperson for All Home Care Matters.

Guests have included Vicki Hoak, executive director of the Home Care Association of America, who spoke about the effect that COVID-19 has had on the home care industry as well as on the future of the home care industry, and Neil Grunberg, co-founder and vice president of strategy and development at AlayaCare, who discussed health care software, services and data insights that empower care providers worldwide to deliver better outcomes.

Recent episodes include “Quick Tips: Recognizing the Signs of Stress in Seniors” and “Dealing with Difficult Behaviors in Dementia.” In the former, the program examines how the stress in older adults tends to show up differently for everyone and can lead to major health problems. Caregivers may not realize that stress, which is common for elderly people experiencing mental decline, can manifest in a variety of somatic symptoms.

The episode dealing with difficult behaviors in dementia offers listeners tips on situations that feel nearly impossible to manage. It provides suggestions on de-escalating, for example, that can help keep the peace in the home. One issue that caregivers often struggle with is the emotional fallout from role reversal, where the child must take care of the parent—with the control issues such a transition involves.

Other episodes have dealt with fall prevention tips for senior, understanding cataracts and communicating with elderly loved ones. This latter episode tackles what is arguably the greatest challenge in home care. Family caregivers frequently struggle to understand seniors—and be understood by them. Communication can be difficult for reasons ranging from health problems to rising tensions related to changing family dynamics. The episode shares tips on how to approach the conversation from a place of patience, empathy, and support. The goal is to enable everyone to face better days ahead.

Listener feedback has been positive. One audience member shared, “We have so many questions on where to go now that our mother has been diagnosed with dementia. There are many helpful episodes on your podcast that we all have been listening to and hope you know how helpful you are to our family and I am confident to so many others out there going through the exact same things we are. We appreciate your podcast very much!”

Regarding the episode “Safety for Elderly Parents,” a listener remarked, “The episode on fall safety tips felt like you had talked with me about our parents’ safety concerns. Thanks for covering such an important topic!”

“Whenever my mom tries to leave the house I get panicked and never sure how to best handle it,” said a listener to the episode on wandering and dementia, adding, “We will definitely be trying some of these things.” Similarly, another audience member stated, “Our family has had good and bad experiences with caregivers. We wish we would have found this podcast before making those decisions. It could have helped us avoid so many pitfalls when the time came.”

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