Cirus Partners with Scaleswap for its Flagship IDO Launch

The project will benefit from unparalleled community building and scalable solutions

Cirus Foundation, a blockchain-based data ownership initiative, has announced its partnership with Scaleswap. The next generation scalable IDO launchpad allows projects to provide an improved experience for users thanks to its use of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling.

Cirus Partners with Scaleswap for its Flagship IDO Launch
The project will benefit from unparalleled community building and scalable solutions

After 2.5 years of R&D efforts and 4,000 devices deployed to-date for household testing, Cirus is now set to take their next steps, starting with a purpose-built IDO launch. The company announced their intent to build the ecosystem on ETH L2, bringing ecosystem value to qualified technology. The IDO is planned for August 2021 with their launch partner ScaleSwap, the Layer 2 launchpad, known for its fair principles and smart ScaleSCORE rating system and endorsed by Polygon.

Cirus will be Scaleswap’s flagship IDO launch, setting the tone going forward, and providing an anchor for future project launches on their platform. The selection is also an infrastructure decision that reflects a commitment to longevity, compatibility, ownership and value at every level of the ecosystem.

“Scaleswap is taking an interesting and exciting approach to IDO launchpads, one that shares our goal of making blockchain and cryptocurrencies as accessible as possible, and doing so in a scalable way using Layer 2 solutions. We both believe that building in this way enhances total ecosystem value and is the key to mass adoption for the space. We’re happy to inaugurate their services.” – Cirus Foundation Co-founder Daniel Bland.

“Cirus promises to do great things for the crypto space and has extraordinary potential. We are looking forward to having it launch on our platform. Data ownership is one of the use cases we’re most excited about and we’re sure that our community will welcome the opportunity to participate in a project that is making this easy to use.” – Scaleswap Co-founder and CEO Ralf P. Gerteis.

Cirus’ launch will be coming on the heels of the launchpad’s own IDO on July 21st, which was fully sold out within seconds. The decision comes after the Cirus team’s consideration of its unique features such as a multi-dimensional loyalty scoring system, security, transparency, interoperability, and user-friendliness. All of which underpin Scaleswap’s unmatched sustainable approach and community building capabilities. More so, these features are provided in a robust and scalable manner.

Cirus is announcing a series of important partnerships ahead of its launch. Each will ultimately serve to provide its users with a comprehensive on-ramp into blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and all the opportunities offered by the technology. More importantly, they will complement Cirus’ focus on empowering the Ownership Economy by allowing users to leverage their largest digital asset - Data.

About Cirus Foundation

Cirus Foundation is the development team behind the Cirus Ecosystem, an accessible onramp designed to accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 and the Ownership Economy. This consists of the Cirus Device, the Cirus Core, and the Cirus Confluence Network which work together to give users true ownership over the data streams they generate.

About Scaleswap

Scaleswap is a fully decentralized IDO launchpad harnessing the power of an advanced layer 2 scaling protocol. It aims to set the new standard for the IDO world offering features such as fair pool participation, multi-chain integration, next level security, and low gas fees.

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