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Hair System Maintenance: How to Care For Your New Hair

How to Care For Your New Hair. New Report by Folicure Dallas, Best Hair System Maintenance Company.

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You've just gotten your new hair system, and you can't wait to show it off to your family and friends. Your confidence gets renewed, and you feel like you can do anything. But before you do anything drastic that may affect your new hair's longevity, there are a few crucial things you need to know to maintain the quality of your hair replacement system.

Before we discuss how you should care for your hair system, let's tackle first how it differs from natural hair.

Hair System vs. Natural Hair

Although you wear your hair system the same way you wear your natural hair, and it feels, looks, and moves the same as a natural one, there are significant differences that you must be aware of to take good care of it properly.

1. It Doesn't Regrow.

    Unlike natural hair that regrows, a hair system's hair doesn't regrow; thus, the need to take good care of it is essential to maintain its quality. Once a strand gets pulled out, you cannot put it back unless you go back to your hair replacement salon.

    2. It Doesn't Produce Natural Sebum.

      Natural hair produces sebum that protects it from contaminants and other harsh chemicals. Hair system's hair doesn't have this; thus, you need to take extra measures to maintain it, such as using conditioners and hair moisturizers.

      3. It Can't Be Treated Once Damaged.

        Once a strand of your hair system's hair gets damaged, it cannot be treated the same way a natural hair can get treatment and recovered. You need to bring it to your hair replacement salon to fix it.

        Now that you know how a hair system differs from natural hair, you now have an idea of how to take great care of it. If it's your first time using one, check out our quick guide below on how to do it.

        How to Take Good Care of Your Hair System

        How to Take Good Care of Your Hair System

        At most, a hair system can last up to six months. It is crucial to take great care of it if you don't want to frequently visit your hair replacement salon and spend unnecessary money to get it fixed or repaired.

        Things to Do with Precaution

        Take extra precautions when dealing with your hair system. Although it is designed to be worn just like natural hair, too much pressure can damage it.

        We recommend that you wash your hair only up to three times a week or lesser than that. You do this to avoid overexposure to chemicals and not to overwash them.

        When shampooing your hair, we recommend that you apply it with care. If possible, pat the shampoo on your mane instead of rubbing it.

        After you bathe, make sure that you don't rub the towel on your hair. With great caution, dry your hair by patting the towel on it.

        Things to Avoid Doing

        Do you have a habit of sleeping when your hair is still wet? If you are wearing a hair system, you should avoid doing it. As much as possible, you need to avoid getting your hair tangled and matted, as these can lead to breakage in the long run.

        If you love swimming, we recommend that you limit the length of time you spend doing it. The chlorinated water in the pool or the beach's salter water is not good for your hair.

        We recommend that you bring with you hair serum or leave-in conditioner every time you go swimming and put them immediately after you swam.

        Things to Do

        Comb or brush your hair before you take a bath to avoid tangles. It's easier to clean it when it is not tangled or matted. Take great care when washing or rinsing it to prevent tangling.

        Once done taking a bath, comb your hair using a brush or a wide-toothed comb. You don't want to lose your precious hair just because you are using the wrong brush.

        When you go to sleep, we recommend using soft or silky pillow covers, such as satins, to protect your hair from unnecessary friction that might lead to breakage.

        Make it a habit to put olive oil or any similar oils on the ends of your hair to protect it from split ends or breakage. If you are not sure what product to use, you can consult your hair replacement specialist on the best products to use to maintain your hair system's quality.

        Final Thoughts

        Taking care of your hair system is just like taking care of natural hair, but this time, with great care and vigilance. If you want to wear it for a long time, you should make sure to take extra precautions when using it.

        Our hair system here at Folicure Dallas Hair Replacement Studio is guaranteed to last long as it is customized and designed to match your hair replacement needs. 

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