Data Breaches and How to Safeguard Your System from Data Breaches

How to Safeguard Your System from Data Breaches

How to keep your data, financial and personal information secure in 2021.

Data breaching is getting out of control nowadays. As more technological advancements are taking place in today's world, the danger of data breaches has also risen. In case you don't know much about data breaches, it is a process of attackers that illegally access your data and use it without your information against you. Doesn't it sound scary?

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1. Conduct Security Awareness Training

The most important and foremost thing to safeguard your system from data breaches is being aware of it. Many people are not even aware of data breaches, leading to significant data loss for them. If you are a company owner, conduct data security awareness workshops to educate your employees about such issues.

As per Microsoft's data security guidelines; Avoid security breaches: How to protect your data:

"Educate all employees on the importance of protecting sensitive information. Explain the need to avoid risky behavior – such as downloading music or videos from rogue. Once employees understand that criminals want the data with which the employees work, their thinking changes in ways that can make the organization’s data much safer than before."

The best thing about awareness training is that it also makes your employees well-aware of a cybersecurity culture. Cybersecurity is nowadays considered an essential tool to stay safe from such attacks. By initiating such training sessions, you not only secure your data but also make your employees skillful and professional.

2. Make Strong Passwords

Setting a strong password is the first shield against protecting your system from data breaches. A simple password and a complicated password are two different things. Your password is considered strong if it is lengthy and complex.

According to Network Computing's 5 Effective Ways to Safeguard Your Business from Data Breaches:

"It seems like an incredibly basic and juvenile point, but the majority of businesses do not do enough to encourage good password protection. This starts with educating your employees about its importance, as many do not change their passwords regularly or become very lazy in regards to protecting them. Just simply making passwords stronger and more varied is a simple network security solution.

How to Safeguard Your System from Data Breaches
How to Safeguard Your System from Data Breaches

3. Install SSL Certificate

To tighten up your data security more effectively, install an SSL certificate if your own a website. This certificate is a socket layer that is secured and gives protection to your website by encrypting it. It helps you to make the communication between client and server protected. If you want to secure your data effectively, then make sure to have an SSL certificate. 

4. Apply Two-Factor Authentication

Using two-factor authentication is one of the most valuable means of securing your system from data breaches. The two-factor authentication method is quite reliable in which after entering the password, you are asked to enter the answers to some security questions you had set. The security question can be 'What is your favorite football team?' or 'What is your favorite food?'. You are also asked to enter the pin code you have entered in the system via email or phone.

This is a beneficial method to secure your system from data breaches. The good news is that recently, face ID and fingerprint verification, also known as biometric verification, have been launched. It gives your system more strict security.

5. Protect the Hardware

Don't let anyone randomly insert the USB on your device. Protect your mobiles and tablets. If you are an owner of a company or working in an office, keep a check on the activities of your employees and their usage of the desktop system. This is quite a serious reason for data breaches that are ignored. 

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