Update: AXIA Continues Shake Up Of Global Banking Industry With Expansion Into Asia-Pacific Region

AXIA Continues Shake Up Of Global Banking Industry With Expansion Into Asia-Pacific Region

Individuals and businesses from the Asia-Pacific region can now take advantage of the low risk model that creates value for members

The AXIA Project’s digital banking platform AXIA Capital Bank has announced its plan to bring its banking services to Asia-Pacific. The platform will be offered through AXIA Capital Bank Asia-Pacific, the bank division that specializes in emerging markets. This expansion will deliver the combined benefits of blockchain technology and digital banking to one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world.

Wentian Liu, Chairman of AXIA Capital Bank Asia-Pacific, emphasized that "Asia-Pacific is one of the most active economic regions in the world, and there are millions of small and medium sized businesses engaging in cross-border transactions daily. With the RCEP (The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) free trade agreement sealed between 15 countries among Asia-Pacific nations in November 2020, efficient and convenient global banking services are urgently needed. We are absolutely thrilled to provide banking support for local and regional businesses looking to grow internationally and shine on the world stage."

"As a pioneer of digital banking service institutions, AXIA Capital Bank Asia-Pacific strives to provide cost efficient, secure and faster banking services through technological innovation. We are devoted to serving personal and business banking needs in the Asia-Pacific region with a global perspective." - Miranda Y, CEO of AXIA Capital Bank Asia-Pacific.

Users who take advantage of AXIA’s banking services will enjoy special features that are only possible thanks to the implementation of blockchain and smart contracts. On the platform, users can earn 12 percent annual compound interest paid out daily in AXIA Coin (AXC). They are also able to receive cashback rewards at over 2,000 brand name stores globally as well as cashback on online and tap-and-pay purchases in store. These innovative rewards programs, plus traditional banking services are available without any high fees or interoperability problems.

“The expansion to the Asia-Pacific region is a great step forward for both traditional banking and the AXIA Ecosystem as a whole. We look forward to helping advance the digital banking industry through this expansion, while also continuing to enhance the value people and businesses receive from their day-to-day banking activities due to AXIA Capital Bank’s customer-centric approach and the innovative technology used to deliver it.” – AXIA Founder Nick Agar.

AXIA Capital Bank will also provide access to a ready-made ecosystem of over 17 applications that are underpinned by its native, asset-supported digital currency, AXC. These range from telecommunications services to a privacy-focused search engine, all of which reward their users with a variety of incentives and perks for participation and community interaction.

In this way, AXIA Capital Bank expansion to the Asia-Pacific region represents the possibility of a drastic change to the current economic paradigm, one which encourages users to step away from the traditional fractional reserve model of banking. Through AXIA’s decentralized and secure model, deposits will not be used to issue loans as is common practice with a conventional bank. Uses will also receive free custody and storage on all of their AXC holdings to ensure an even higher level of safety and security. These features along with the additional rewards and benefits outlined will finally help usher in the new era of customer-friendly banking that the world deserves, both in Asia-Pacific and beyond.

About AXIA

AXIA Coin is an asset-supported global currency, utilizing innovative blockchain and smart contract technology standards to upend traditional financial structures, lower participant costs and advance a more equitable and inclusionary economic model on a global scale. As a network, AXIA integrates multiple complementary applications and platforms that will pioneer the pace of the decentralized economy to drive mainstream adoption in improving business processes globally. The currency provides sophisticated solutions that serve as an ideal replacement to the fiat payment system and also improve on the existing cryptocurrency models.

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