How to use Instagram to Promote Music - 5 Tips from Instagram Marketing Expert Massimo A. Didomenico

5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Instagram in 2021

Get Neil Patel's advice on Instagram marketing from Massimo A. Didomenico, the Best Instagram Marketer & Marketing Expert.

Instagram is one of those social media platforms that has evolved rapidly. It has enhanced its features and is still making rapid changes. You should keep in mind that the promotional strategies that once worked on Instagram promotions are not that effective now. There are many new tactics to reach out to the targeted audience. You must have to learn the most effective tactics to promote your Instagram. 2021 is the year of online business, and because of the Covid-19 situation has been shifted online, resulting in increased competition.

1. Boost Up Your Content

Keep in mind that content is not only limited to words. It also includes videos, pictures, stories, and memes. You can boost your content by experimenting with what kind of content is most likely by the viewers and then planning your content strategy according to the results.

Creative Ways to Promote Your Instagram in 2021 | Boost Up Your Content
Creative Ways to Promote Your Instagram in 2021 | Boost Up Your Content

The best is to post at least once a day, preferably after 7:00 pm as people get free from their jobs and go through their Instagram news feed. Try to engage your customers through your content. You can create a poll or a giveaway post; it’s up to you. Instagram stores also add value to your content.

2. Cross-Posting

You can promote your page through other social media platforms as well. For example, on Facebook, you can post the link to your Instagram. It will generate traffic to your page. Optimize your content on Twitter as well. Twitter has a big audience reach. Such promotion saves the extra effort and promotes your Instagram page quickly.

By promoting on other social media platforms, remember that they have their practices. Learn those as well for making the promotion campaign successful.

3. Post Trending Content

Stay updated on the recent happenings and post according to the interest of people. Keep a check on what people want to read and make your posts according to your research. You can post the latest news or share your experiences. Pop up to the audience’s news feed with some exciting content that makes them read your content.

4. Instagram Influencers

As per Neil Patel's Best Instagram Marketing Tips (That Actually Work):

"If you want to reach potential customers on Instagram, the fastest way to do that is through influencers who have already built an audience with a large following. More and more people are buying services or products based on what they see in their feed from the influential people they follow. They trust them. If you partner with the right industry influencer, you can get your brand out in front of those users."

In the revolution of advertising on Instagram, it is the latest and most effective way of promotion. Instagram influencers have millions of followers and demand a specific amount to promote your Instagram page. It is a very effective method, and you can give a boost to your page following.

5. Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are now the most important source of promotion on Instagram. For example, if you run a page that sells sports products, you can add the hashtags of popular sports brands. Whenever people search those hashtags, your brand will also pop up in the list. You can use community hashtags as they also engage your targeted audience.

Creative Ways to Promote Your Instagram in 2021 | Use Hashtags
Creative Ways to Promote Your Instagram in 2021 | Use Hashtags

As Kristen McCormick of WordStream states in 20 Fantastically Free Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account:

"When it comes to promoting your Instagram account, hashtags are essential. Use relevant hashtags in your posts and Stories to help your account stand out. And by relevant, I mean: Location-based hashtags, Industry-specific hashtags and Popular hashtags."

Many hashtag analytic tools help you to decide what hashtags you should add to your Instagram posts.

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