Does user feedback impact search results? Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google answers.

Does user feedback impact search results? Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google answers.

John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, sheds light on whether Google Search tweaks its algorithm based on user feedback.

Dallas, TX – In a recent episode of Google Search Central's #AskGooglebot, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, John Mueller, explained how Google Search deals with user feedback and if it tweaks its algorithm based on it. Mueller said that tweaking search results based on user feedback don't make sense at all.

A Google Search Central follower asked: "What makes user feedback eligible enough for Google to decide to tweak its search ranking algorithm? Does Google consider that feedback in the future?"

Before answering these questions, Mueller discussed the importance of getting feedback from users in general.

"Taking a step back, every website that cares about their users in the long term should watch out for feedback and work to improve over time. Your users can help you spot issues early on. They can guide you to new opportunities. And if you've been treating them right, they often have an interest in helping your site to improve."

Mueller emphasized the need to listen to this feedback and work to improve them over time. But he also said that this kind of process could sometimes be tricky, especially for broadly used services such as Google Search, where it gets a lot of feedback.

He said that Google Search is just like any larger system where there are always things that need to improve and change. He then discussed how users usually can submit their feedback to Google Search and how it is processed.

"Like any larger system, there will always be things to improve and to change. It's more a matter of finding the critical areas for improvement and focusing on them," Mueller explained. "The most direct way to give us feedback in search is to use the Feedback link on the bottom of the search results. This feedback goes directly to a team at Google to be reviewed, organized, and prioritized."

Mueller then answered the question of whether Google Search tweaks its algorithm based on user feedback: "In practice, it makes little sense to manually tweak the search results. The web is so gigantic and ever-changing, and users ask us new questions every day."

He explained that because of the volume of queries Google receives, its primary goal is to improve the algorithms that pull together the search results and not tweak for individual queries.

"Revamping or tweaking the search algorithm just because of some user feedback is not practical," Qamar Zaman, CEO of KISS PR Brand Story, agreed with what John Mueller said. "It's just like when someone would tell you a bad review about a specific feature of your service, and then you immediately pull out that feature just based on that. That's not wise at all."

Zaman believes that just like Google, every other company needs to evaluate its user feedback first from a bird's-eye view perspective, and that's the point where data make more sense which can be used to make system changes later on.


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