BLUEWILL: Bringing A Singular New Online Shopping Experience

All Bluewill products are now landed in the United States, a new shopping platform will be launched on August 4th, 2021 (PT).

What Is Happening In The Online Shopping Market?

Due to the market environment fluctuation within 2020-2021, people have become more willing to shop online. E-commerce annual sales have caught up and overtaken offline retailing. Large numbers of merchants rush into online shopping markets through selling low prices with less quality and service assurance. The current situation of the e-commerce market would maintain for a few months but gradually towards positive trends. Here is a team called 'Bluewill', they are trying something different.

Who Is 'Bluewill'?

The predecessor of Bluewill Team launched in 2005, Germany.

Within the past 17 years, they built up cooperation with over 700 factories and achieved in-depth strategic cooperation with those high quality industrial supply chains. Their product and service have won over 1 million positive reviews worldwide. Meanwhile, the team totally gained 649 authorized patents, 232 patents in process, and 122 software copyrights. Won iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award in Germany 21 times and 20 times, respectively. In 2020, their total annual sales exceeded 1.5 billion dollars.

A research and development center has been set up and committed to create intelligent products, and aims to lead digital smart life for global citizens in their own way.

How To 'Sharing Is Saving'?

Bluewill brings the concept of 'Sharing is Saving' into the operation of e-commerce. At Bluewill, a new shopping method has arrived. Achieve lower price by participating in '2 People Group' or '5 People Group' after clicking 'Group Purchase' in the lower right corner, shopping with up to 70% discounts. People could buy the same product with their friends, family, neighbors by sharing links through Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., or even waiting for strangers to join the group, purchase any products at lower prices after successfully placing orders with others. The Price Match Policy guarantees customers on Bluewill can always get the lowest price compared to any marketplace. So far, over 90% of 'Group-Purchase' participants have succeeded to buy with their invitees. Meanwhile, three super-deal products will be offered every day in the "Deal of the Day" section as a reward to all customers.

How To Find Bluewill?

BLUEWILL: Bringing A Singular New Online Shopping Experience
BLUEWILL: Bringing A Singular New Online Shopping Experience

Bluewill's supply chain has been integrated and largely optimized. A new shopping method is applied to maximize the interests of their customers. Bluewill has maintained strong partnerships with various renowned global brands for years, aiming to bring convenient and delightful shopping experiences to its customers around the world.

The Bluewill App is launching in August.

Bluewill is also landing in other countries, please stay tuned.

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