Charles Gervais Talks About Business Transformation And Modernization

Charles Gervais was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

Charles Gervais, the Chief Innovation Officer of iTransform, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

In this interview with Adam Torres on Mission Matters, Charles explains iTransform’s mission to scale small and midsize businesses.

Listen to the full interview of Charles Gervais with Adam Torres on Mission Matters Business Podcast.

How does iTransform help small (and small-ish) businesses?

Charles Gervais aims to bring more offerings for small and medium businesses through digital transformation with iTransform. “We want to simplify digital transformation solutions and package them into accessible offerings for small and medium businesses,” he says.

How the brand decodes digital transformation

“Digital transformation is the process of modernizing a business with new and efficient technologies, '' Charles says., explaining that when a company resists modernization, its value often decreases over time. To keep from growing outdated, he explains, it’s crucial to make updates from time to time. That’s what Charles and his team specialize in: digitally improving small and midsize businesses.

“If small businesses are looking for quick wins, they need to look at their comprehensive approach and focus on their business objectives,” Charles says. “They need to first focus on addressing the core components.”

One critical element of digital modernization is efficiency—i.e., doing more things in less time without sacrificing the quality of customer experience, but rather, improving it. Another element may be creating a new business model, like turning a traditional advertising company into a full-fledged marketing agency to reach a bigger audience. The time it takes to transform a company completely depends on the services they provide, Charles notes. Overall, digital transformation never really ends; it’s all about steady and continuous modernization, constantly taking small steps to stay up to speed.

How does iTransform help businesses transform?

iTransform helps businesses scale up by using fresh strategies. The company provides an array of services tailored to what each client requires, ranging from specific toolkits to a full-service treatment addressing a variety of needs.

iTransform offers a subscription-based service through which client teams can sign up and explain their needs. Based on that feedback, iTransform guides them through actions ranging from data analytics and software/hardware upgrades to strategic planning and more. iTransform focuses on smaller businesses, where they can do the most transformative work, rather than larger businesses with huge IT teams and a host of consultants.

What’s Next for iTransform?

This fall, iTransform plans to launch its subscription-based automation service to reach more business owners.

To learn more about iTransform or reach out about its services, visit Services providers can also use the website to join iTransform’s marketplace.


iTransform aims to give small and midsize businesses the tools and resources they need to compete in their industry. From starting our own companies and working with hundreds of growing businesses, iTransform provides simple, practical solutions that get fast results and advance your business.

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