Update: TON DeFi Alliance Launches the Next Top FreeTON Startup Competition in Partnership with GDA Capital

Teams from around the world will compete for 200,000 FreeTON Crystals

Leading FreeTON blockchains ecosystem organization FreeTON DeFi Alliance has partnered with North American blockchain leader GDA Capital for the launch of the inaugural Next Top TON Startup. The annual event will allow blockchain startups to compete with each other, connect with global industry leaders and investors, and build the future of blockchain technology.

From September 6th to December 6th, participants will be part of a virtual hackathon, startup competition, and accelerator program. Here, they will have the opportunity to build, test, and pitch their ideas to leading developers, enterprises and investors in the FreeTON ecosystem. These will fall into one of six startup categories, or tracks: NFT Platforms, DAO Management, Enterprise, DeFi Ecosystem Tools, GameFi and Metaverse.

The best teams and individuals in each track will win up to 200,000 in FreeTON Crystals in total prizes. They will also gain access to opportunities that go beyond the hackathon such as further incubation and acceleration programs, the possibility of additional grants, and virtual meetings with key executives.

“The FreeTON Alliance team are excited to see what the global FreeTON developer community is going to build during this startup competition leveraging the highly scalable FreeTON blockchain network. We look forward to empowering the new talent entering our fast-growing community and to collaborate with the team at GDA Capital team and the startup competition mentors to help these new projects excel.” – FreeTON DeFi Alliance Founding Member Nikita Inshakov.

“Extending opportunities to young entrepreneurs and innovative teams is essential to the growth of the space. There’s so much talent in blockchain that competitions like this should be taking place all year round, all around the world. We’re happy to partner with a community-focused project like FreeTON for this and are confident that it will help the industry grow as a whole.” – GDA Capital VP Tokenization Jonah Mirsky.

Next Top TON Startup follows the success of GDA Capital’s Next Top Blockchain Startup competition during the Summer where over 600 participants from 65 international universities in 55 different countries came together to build the future of the space. FreeTON’s coalition of partners in the FreeTON DeFi Alliance and GDA Capital hope to extend similar opportunities to new projects throughout the rest of the year.

About FreeTON DeFi Alliance

FreeTON DeFi alliance creates the necessary infrastructure to draw and maintain strong teams and projects, attracts liquidity from other projects to FreeTON and creates partnerships with major companies with large amounts of liquidity and a large number of transactions.

About GDA Capital

GDA Capital is a global organization that provides vertically integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and disruptive technology companies. It is the trusted advisor that bridges the gap between institutional capital markets and disruptive technologies.

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CAYMAN ISLANDS, August 26, 2021

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