7 Best Essay Writing Services in the UK - Legit & Trusted

7 Best Essay Writing Services in the UK - Legit & Trusted

Top Paper Writing Services explains the 7 best essay writing services in the UK.

Many students often ask for essay help but don’t know who to turn to. With countless websites showing up when you do a Google search for “best essay writing service in the UK,” it’s easy to get confused. To ensure students know exactly who they should get in contact with whenever they need help with their assignments, we decided to compile this list.

To give every website a fair review, we came up with a system that helped us evaluate each paper writing service. We rated their affordability, quality of writing, customer reviews, delivery, and special features. Here’s what we have to say about what we believe are the 7 best essay writing services UK:

  1. Uk.BestEssays.com
  2. EssayOnTime.co.uk
  3. RushEssay.com
  4. BestDissertation.com
  5. EssayWritingLab.co.uk
  6. BrillAssignment.co.uk
  7. UK-Dissertation.com

#1 – UK.BestEssays.com – best choice for any type of academic writing

UK.BestEssays.com is an academic writing service that was founded way back in 1997. With a long history and a huge team of writers, this company is able to provide assignment help at an incredible quality level. Prices vary depending on the deadline you set and the service quality you choose.

In case you’re looking for the cheapest option, you’ll be pleased to hear that this company offers essay writing services starting at only £15.35 per page. Aside from essays, they offer help with other types of assignments as well, including research papers, lab reports, dissertations, and more.

Students who never used the academic writing services this company provides will receive a 20% discount on the first order. There is also a loyalty discount program that rewards customers with special offers on future orders depending on how many pages they’ve already purchased.


  • Reputable company with a rich history.
  • The company always delivers essays on time.
  • There are discounts for both new and loyal customers.


  • You have to pay an additional 20% of your order amount to choose a particular writer.

#2 – EssayOnTime.co.uk – best choice for an essay writing, affordable prices

EssayOnTime is another British writing service that has been around for quite a while. Established in 2002, it has been providing students with assignment help for nearly two decades. Every single writer that works for this company holds an MA or Ph.D. in the field they cover.

The extensive experience of the founders of this essay writing service has enabled them to create a training process that ensures every essay writer on their team can provide high-quality content. The quality of their content is what helped EssayOnTime earn such a strong reputation.

The next time you’re looking for good essay writers in the UK to help you with your assignment, you should get in touch with this company. They offer a 15% discount for new members as well as a loyalty discount program where you can get 15% off on all orders if you order a total of 101 pages or more.


  • The quality of writing EssayOnTime provides at an astounding level.
  • Prices are very affordable, starting at just £14.53 per page.
  • Students can learn a lot about academic writing through direct collaboration with the writer.


  • The website is outdated and not user-friendly.

#3 – RushEssay.com - best choice to handle tight deadlines

Do you need an essay written well and delivered to you within a few hours? If so, you should check out this essay writing service the UK. At RushEssay, you can get a fully written essay delivered to you within only 3 hours. With more than two decades of experience providing students with essay help, this company can provide services to students of all academic levels.

Prices for essay writing services start at £15.99 per page if you set a 10-day deadline. The prices increase gradually if you need the paper to be written quicker. For instance, if you want it to be finished within 3 hours, you’ll have to pay £37.79 per page. The price for this service is high only because multiple writers have to work on the paper to finish it on time.

When you hire essay writers from the UK on this website, you have direct contact with them from start to finish.


  • New customers receive a 15% discount on their first order.
  • The writers never miss a deadline, even if it’s only three hours.
  • Aside from writing, you can also hire the company for editing services.


  • The website can be a bit buggy, and it may take a few extra minutes to make an order.

#4 – BestDissertation.com – best choice for dissertation and thesis writing

BestDissertation is an online writing company that puts its main focus on helping students with their dissertations and thesis papers. Nevertheless, they also offer other academic writing services. They can help you with essays, research papers, case studies, lab reports, and more.

When you hire one of their writers for dissertation help, you’re guaranteed to have a Ph.D. degree holder assigned to your project. Only the most qualified writers who’ve written hundreds of dissertations are assigned to help students with these complex assignments.

On BestDissertation.com, you have the option to choose the writer you want to be assigned to your project. You can also check out samples of writing to get an idea of what to expect. Prices start at £14.50 for essay help and £17.44 for dissertation writing.


  • The academic writing services provided by this company are very affordable.
  • Only the most qualified writers are assigned to work on dissertations.
  • Samples are available on the website, so you get an idea of what to expect.


  • It costs 5% extra if you want to hire a UK writer compared to a US writer.

#5 – EssayWritingLab.co.uk – the most helpful and loyal support

EssayWritingLab is an online writing service that provides assignment help to students in the UK and abroad. It has a very clean and modern website that is incredibly easy to navigate. The company hires more than 350 writing and editing experts to ensure they can meet high demand.

The prices for their essay writing services are quite affordable. In case you need an essay finished within only 3 days, it would set you back £18.19 per page. The price for an essay with a 3-hour deadline is only £30.56 per page, which is significantly lower than what most other companies charge for such a short deadline.

First-time customers receive a 15% discount on their first order by using the “lab15” promo code. However, there is no indication on the website that there is a loyalty discount program.


  • EssayWritingLab has a beautifully designed website that is easy to navigate.
  • You get a 15% off on your first order by using the “lab15” promo code.
  • Outstanding reviews from students.


  • The website doesn’t allow you to choose the writer you want to work on for your assignment.
  • There are no samples on the website.

#6 – BrillAssignment.co.uk – best choice for any assignment writing

BrillAssignment is a company dedicated to helping students in all English-speaking countries. More than 35,000 students in 7 different countries were happy with the services provided by this company. Each of the writers that work for Brill Assignment has either a master’s degree or Ph.D.

Some of the areas the company specializes in when it comes to assignment help include law, business, management, and nursing. With a history that dates back to 2008, BrillAssignment has stood the test of time and consistently provided students with quality assignment help for more than 13 years.

The prices for essay writing start at £16.84 per page, which is more than what other companies on this list charge. In case you need help with a dissertation, it would set you back £18.37 per page if you choose a 2-month deadline.


  • BrillAssignment has a long list of satisfied customers.
  • The essay writers in the UK that work for this company have never missed a deadline.
  • The customer service is very helpful.


  • With essay writing starting at £16.84 per page, the prices are higher than what other companies on this list charge.

#7 – UK-Dissertation.com – best choice for research and term paper writing

UK-Dissertation.com is an academic writing service that focuses mainly on writing dissertations. When you hire a writer on their website, you will have an open line of communication with him/her so that you can always provide additional instructions or requests.

You’re guaranteed to have a PhD degree holder working on your dissertation. The writers are able to finish a dissertation in up to 48 hours, which is very impressive. The website also offers an amazing loyalty discount program that gives a 15% lifetime discount to any customer that orders more than 30 pages in total.

The team behind the company is very transparent and provides a lot of information on the website. You can also find samples that showcase the skills the writers have. There are currently 743 writers that work for this company.


  • Customers receive a 15% lifetime discount after they order more than 30 pages in total.
  • You have a direct line of communication with the writer.
  • You can order a dissertation even if you need it finished within only 48 hours.


  • The writers failed to deliver 5% of orders on time.


Some students who’ve never used professional essay writing services before might be sceptical about hiring someone for assignment help. There are several questions that every student with second thoughts about hiring an essay writer is bound to ask. Below is a list of these questions and a clear answer to each one.

Do essay writing services really work?

Yes, essay writing services really work. That’s not to say that there aren’t websites that are out to scam people, but that can be found in almost every industry. There are thousands of fake shops that claim to sell clothing items despite only taking money from people and not giving anything in return. That being said, you should always do your research on essay writing services before actually hiring one. This will help ensure you find a good essay writer.

Is hiring an essay writer illegal?

It is perfectly legal to hire an essay writing service when you need help with your assignments. There are no laws in the UK or any other country that prevent students from hiring academic writing services for help with assignments. A good writing service, including every website we mentioned above, will go above and beyond to ensure your personal information is protected at all costs. Privacy is guaranteed, which means they’ll never let anyone know you used their services.

Are essay writing services worth it?

Do you think getting good grades on assignments while you enjoy life or tend to other responsibilities is worth a bit of money? If so, then you probably won’t mind paying for academic writing services. Most writing companies know that students don’t have a lot of money, which is why they charge affordable prices.

How much is an essay writing service?

It depends on the exact college essay writing service you choose to write. The average price starts at £15-18 per page. Each website has a pricing plan that you can check out before you make an order. This will give you a good idea of how much an essay would cost you. It’s worth noting that the specifics of your order will have an influence on the price. For example, the deadline you set will impact the price. The shorter the deadline, the higher the price.

Is essay writer plagiarised?

None of the essay writing services mentioned in this list ever plagiarise content. Regardless of which one of these seven companies you decide to hire, you can rest assured that you’ll receive 100% original content every time. Every legit and trustworthy essay help service guarantees to its customers that they won’t find plagiarism in any of the papers they write.

Bottom Line

Many students feel overwhelmed from time to time and have a hard time finishing all of their assignments and preparing for exams. In case you ever want to take a step back and have more free time, you now know who to contact for assignment help. It’s hard to say which company is the best essay writing service, but you can’t go wrong with hiring any one of the seven aforementioned services.

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