Nanjing, Jiangsu Why Choose Slipintosoft Silk Beddings?

Slipintosoft offers stunning, soft, and sustainable fashions crafted from the world’s finest silk.

Today, Slipintosoft is a leading company offering silk clothing, bedding, and other accessories. They have the most stunning, fashionable, and soft silk bedding and others made from the finest silk. At Slipintosoft, you get high-quality and striking designs.

Why choose Slipintosoft?

Slipintosoft, known to offer luxurious and eco-friendly silk grades 6A. Each and every product is manufactured with care to create the most comfortable bedding for your bedroom. The bedding is also oeko Tex certified and so when you can get such phenomenal quality bedding, then why not choose Slipintosoft?

Apart from that, they aim to create soft yet highly durable bedding which lasts for a long time and remains shiny and beautiful. The beddings are sewn with lots of care and contain no chemicals, which means you can have a healthy living. You will never get allergic to the bedding material because none of the chemicals is used in materials.

They said, We are grateful to deliver the finest quality silk bedding, pillowcases, and other sleep wears to various parts of the world. Not only do you can receive the premium silk product, but our team aims to develop a friendly relationship with our customers and offer them services beyond their expectations.

At Slipintosoft, we offer pure silk bedding. You can determine the pure silk from artificial silk in the following manner-

Colour- silk reflects the light and is coated, which means it doesn't look flat but shimmers. So if you notice block color or flat color, that means the silk is not natural.

Smell- one can test the natural silk by taking a strand of silk material and then setting it on fire. On burning, pure silk will smell like burnt hair, and the smell is easy to determine. Also, remember a real silk burns with an invisible flame and stops burning as soon as the flame source is taken away.

Touch- take the material of silk on your hand, rub with your finger, and you will feel the warmness. If the material doesn't warm up, then it is not natural silk.

What are the types of silk bedding materials Slipintosoft uses?

Mulberry silk bedding-

The most admired silk is the mulberry silk, and around the world total of 90% of silk, products are mulberry silks. They are so popular because of their quality, and this silk is produced from the bombyx Mori silkworm.

Even though this type of silk is popular but it also comes in various qualities. Someone can determine the mulberry silk quantity by noting down its "momme." The "momme" helps to determine the density of your silk bedding. If the product says it has one momme, that means there is about 4. 340 gm of silk/square meter of the product. So whenever buying silk bedding, you must pay attention to the momme number.

Slipintosoft has top-grade mulberry silk beddings so, you can look at the size and color of your choice and get your luxurious bedding.

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