$GREED will be one of the first to launch on Cardano’s Blockchain

The Greed Token is the first crypto music label with Grammy Award Winning producers, Cool & Dre and is set to launch as one of the Cardano blockchain's first tokens.

Greed Token: $GREED is launching on the Cardano blockchain within days of Cardano releasing their long awaited smart contracts. The Greed Token is developing a whole crypto ecosystem being built around by Greed Music. Grammy Award winning producers and song writers Cool & Dre have teamed up with the Crypto Developer, Peter Parente aka Captain Awesome to create the first crypto music label.

The Greed Ecosystem will also be showcasing it’s Metaverse project in Decentraland where you will need NFT private keys to see live streaming in the recording studio of your favorite recording artists working on their projects and their concerts. The Greed NFT Marketplace will support the NFT VIP access keys, Metaverse drivables, wearables, games as well as traditional NFT collectibles and NFT music. The rest of the Ecosystem consist of Farms, Pools and a Swap which will support the tokens, the holders and other coins who would want to join the Greed ecosystem.

The Greed Token is a rewards token redistributing the native coin Cardano, $ADA back to holders, has a buy back feature to support the price and anti-bot/anti-whale protection. The Greed Token is not the first token in the ecosystem to launch because his pup Baby Doge Inu : $BabyDogeInu was launched on July 9th 2021 as a community token and considered the HODL token in the ecosystem being rewarded in its own token. Baby Doge Inu is deemed the Crypto Love Chile of DOGE & SHIBA INU. Greed was set to launch to give his pup utility by providing the VIP Metaverse access, drivables wearables and an NFT game. The is also a buyback feature from greed to support Baby Doge Inu and reward those tokens to GREED holders.

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Peter Parente

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Website: www.greedtoken.com

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