Brisbane, Australia Leading Workers Compensation Lawyers in Brisbane, Carter Capner Law Helps Workers Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Expert Work Injury Lawyers in Brisbane, Carter Capner Law, help clients get their due compensation even as the pandemic ravages.

Carter Capner Law already ranks highly among workers' compensation law firms in Brisbane and Queensland.

In line with the firm's mission to maximise client benefits through expert and cost-effective compensation legal services the law firm has made their services even more accessible to clients and potential clients thru the Covid-19 pandemic and developed further services to cater for workers adversely affected by COVID-19 movement and work restrictions.

COVID-19 Effect on Worker's Compensation Claims

The team at Carter Capner Law has observed that many workers restricted by COVID-19 movement and work restrictions are suffering psychological disturbances in the range from mild to severe in many cases.

The symptoms such workers report having been diagnosed with include anxiety, and depression associated with income insecurity as well as a fear that the disease itself may strike them seriously ill.

The team at aims to bring the effects of Covid-19 on workers' compensation - to bear while ensuring that their clients get the best possible representation for time off work claims arising in these circumstances.

Essential workers have also been subject to unusual stresses due to the nature of their job and the need to continue serving the public even as the crisis continues.

Another concern is how COVID-19 movement and work restrictions affect the claims of workers injured by means unconnected to the pandemic. The diversion of resources from rehabilitation and safety to infection control, contract tracing and vaccination programmes has depleted health and safety management as well as rehabilitation services.

Are you covered by Workers' Compensation?

Queensland workers injured on the job are usually entitled to receive medical care, wage replacement, and vocational rehabilitation benefits.

Many people assume if they've been hurt at work and didn’t report a claim that they can recover injury compensation.

The fact of the matter is that many people who've never filed a claim could still recover injury compensation under many circumstances.

Injuries arising from your work activities, such as falling from a ladder while cleaning out gutters or lifting heavy boxes, may be compensable. There are also times when certain injuries appear to be the result of job-related activities but where other factors unrelated to work – such as sport or recreation – have played a role. Even those injuries are sometimes compensable .

If you've been injured at work or in a workplace-related accident and you're not sure if you're covered for workers' compensation, give Carter Capner Law a call and they will help determine your eligibility.

Why Choose Carter Capner Law?

Carter Capner Law has built a reputation for helping injured employees secure the policy payout or compensation to which they are entitled without requiring them to break the bank. The firm's 'no win no fee' representation, especially for cases associated with Total and permanent disability ("TPD") and compensation claims, and at the same time providing the very best in hard fighting representation, is one of the features that stands Carter Capner Law apart from other practices.

Carter Capner Law offers different categories of services, including road accidents, work accidents, travel accidents, medical accidents, public liability, recreational, and a host of other injury compensation services.

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About Carter Capner Law

Carter Capner Law is a leading Queensland law firm with a reputation built on offering expert, efficient and cost-effective legal services to small businesses, individuals, and families – maximising client benefits, client protection, and client satisfaction. The firm has helped clients in Australia and other parts of the world obtain top-notch legal results for more than 75 decades. With 97% success rates, they have assisted hundreds of clients in obtaining excellent justice.

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