Hongkong, China MINTMARK Began a New 2.0 Strategic Phase

MINTMARK began a new 2.0 strategic phase to better ensure the safety and income of each user's funds.

On September 6th Beijing time, MINTMARK held a press conference in United States of America.

Reuters Dow Jones and Yahoo media were be invited. With the successful conclusion of the last multinational round table, MINTMARK and BC Fund reached a deeper cooperation framework. Now the company has officially entered a period of rapid development. In order to better adapt to the subsequent development, it has made comprehensive adjustments and upgrades in the company's structure

MINTMARK began a new 2.0 strategic phase
MINTMARK began a new 2.0 strategic phase

BC FUND and MINTMARK reached a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship in June this year. This integration is also jointly funded on the basis of win-win cooperation between the two sides, rather than mergers and acquisitions. It is expected to upgrade the company to become MINTMARK group, and MINTMARK CAPITAL LLC has been established in New York. As the headquarters of the group. At this stage, it is completing it’s asset integration and acquisition of the current Florida MINTMARK CAPITAL LLC COMPANY, making it a subsidiary of MINTMARK CAPITAL INC in New York. Through this adjustment, MINTMARK has submitted membership qualifications to the NFA, which also means that MINTMARK has changed from a single MSB supervision to having both MSB and NFA. This is not only provides a greater guarantee for the safety of the funds of the majority of users, but also creates space and opportunities for cooperation with more NFA excellent member companies.

In addition to capital and company physique, MINTMARK also plans to turn the global R & D center in Silicon Valley into a technology company independently. At the roundtable forum, it has received support from companies from various countries and is ready to launch plans to establish joint laboratories around the world. At present, it has also received positive responses from many parties. In the future, multi-variety quantitative transactions will be realized. At present, MINTMARK has established user markets in China, Vietnam, Singapore, the United Kingdom, France and Russia. Through user feedback from users from various countries, it has also recently launched the "blockchain version of MC", which fully begins to use blockchain technology to achieve decentralized finance and make customers ' assets safer.

MINTMARK began a new 2.0 strategic phase to better ensure the safety and income of each user's funds. After analysts ' summary analysis and big data analysis of information in trading strategies, market analysis, global policies, etc., it not only covers the currency circle, but also covers stocks, funds, futures, foreign exchange and other markets. I believe that through analysis and research, coupled with MINTMARK's accumulation and strength in AI technology, a more comprehensive layout will be achieved more structurally and safely.

Because of the strong support of the BC fund, MINTMARK is applying for NFA membership. Joining the NFA membership is not only a regulatory function,but also can cooperate with many outstanding enterprises among the NFA members. This will enable MINTMARK to achieve multi-variety quantitative trading and diversified income. MINTMARK and the BC fund have prepared their funds in place, and there is no need to raise funds through listing for the time being.

In the spirit of humanity, MINTMARK is about to launch a global public welfare event. Jason, CEO of MINTMARK and initiator of the public welfare event, said:"As an elderly person, I also hope to have a stage to show myself, and MINTMARK is my stage. Maybe it is some people who "don't understand" and are questioned. We hope that more people will show themselves on this stage of MINTMARK and try to "understand" those who are questioned." This public welfare event does not raise funds from the masses. All expenses will be paid by Jason and the salaries of several executives, as well as the support response of BC representatives.

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