Hackers Attacked the Bitcoin.org Website, Forcing the Developers to Take it Down

At 8 a.m. today, Cobra announced a cyber assault on its official Twitter account. It was stated that investigations into how the hacker placed their harmful software on the site are still continuing.

Bitcoin.org is among the first BTC websites. Cobra, an anonymous organizer, manages it. On September 23rd, Cobra took to their official Twitter account to announce that they had been hacked and that their website would be unavailable for some time.

According to the Bitcoin developer Matt Corallo, their site was hacked, and a clone replaced their whole site. Customers on the fake version of the website were requested to send free Bitcoin to an unknown address.

He further requested that no payments be sent to that specific address because it is unauthorized.

After Cobra's customers reported the incident, the company released an urgent statement and decided to shut down the maintenance site. Unfortunately, by the time Cobra took action to shut down their site, the hackers had received around $17,000 in deposits.

This is not the first time Bitcoin.org has been subjected to a malicious attack.

On July 5th, 2021, Cobra announced on its Twitter account that Bitcoin.org had been subjected to its first DDoS attack. Cobra acknowledged its dismay because this was the first time their site had been attacked by some individuals.

This assault was particularly heinous because the Bitcoin.org servers did not receive any traffic, and the perpetrators demanded a ransom in the form of BTC. They did, however, manage to get their website up and to run. This attack occurred after a UK court ordered the site to stop posting the Bitcoin white paper, giving them a huge setback.

The New York Times reported in mid-2021 that Tesla's CEO account looked to be under assault after it requested BTC transactions. They stated that hundreds of other funds owned by other famous people had identical posts. Of course, that was a trick because these folks do not live off of 'donations.'

Such attacks might be the cause of a drop in the value of several altcoins in the second quarter of 2021.

Because most individuals do not enjoy spending their money in risky businesses, many have made panic sales. If networks do not deal with hacks once and for all, they may trigger a severe downturn in crypto technology.

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