Benefits of Air Filtration in Ontario, Canada Schools - New Resource by Camfil Canada Filtration Expert

Benefits of School Air Filtration in Ontario, Canada New Resource by Camfil Canada School Filtration Experts

Internationally Recognized Air Filtration Industry Experts from Camfil Canada Provide Resource on the Benefits of Air Filtration in Ontario Schools

Across Canada, children will finally be sitting in classrooms again as of this week, with the 2021-2022 school year commencing in person. But, as any parent or teacher knows, illnesses spread through schools rapidly, and COVID-19 vaccinations for children under twelve are still in the clinical trial phase.

In a new resource, air filtration experts explain how the use of air purifiers in classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and other areas in schools can assist in the prevention of spreading COVID-19. While some governments and health agencies have highlighted the importance of proper ventilation and adequate air filtration due to the airborne transmission mechanism of the disease, the majority of existing HVAC systems in school buildings lack the space to support high-efficiency air filters.

“Ontario’s education minister has announced that $25 million is allocated towards improving ventilation in schools with HEPA filtration to make schools safer for students when they reopen this fall. As a stand-alone unit that acts independently of the building’s HVAC system, the City M is an ideal solution for Ontario schools.”

Berni Baier, National Sales and Marketing Support Manager at Camfil Canada

The resource by Camfil Canada contains:

  • The effects of air pollution on school children in Canada.

  • How air pollution affects the spread of COVID-19, according to recent studies.

  • The steps Canadians can take to protect themselves against COVID-19.

  • How HEPA filtration combats COVID-19 and other diseases in classrooms.

Read the full resource on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Canada schools here.

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