MaxxRewards - The new generation of rewards, truly taking it to the maxx

MaxxRewards' objective is to maximize the rewards for its holders.

MaxxRewards ($MXR) is a deflationary token that is based off the Binance Smart Chain network.

The goal is to truly maximize the rewards that a single token can provide for it's holders.

MaxxRewards - The new generation of rewards, truly taking it to the maxx

MaxxRewards has high reward percentages and 4 major features to help this!

1. The brand new buy-back staking feature.

How does it work? 2% is taken from each transaction and then sent to a wallet. The wallet will continue to build and build until it reaches a desired amount. This amount will then be staked and from there we will then take the profits and half the original investment and use the funds as a buy back for times of low volume or dips. The remaining half of the original investment stays and gets added to, and the wallet continues to build.

2. Reward tax

The reward tax; 8% (buy) and 10% (sell) rewards tax. These rewards are also going to be able to be chosen by the holders via a Rewards Hub, which will be located on the website. MaxxRewards will have the ability to add and remove the rewards as needed. There will be community voting for new tokens to be added, or buy-able positions on the list as another means of profit for the project.

3. Choice

Everyone likes choice! Therefore there will even be the ability to choose a rewards token as your reward for holding $MXR. This means that the holder will receive the rewards form holding MaxxRewards, as well as the rewards the chosen token provides as well!

4. Re-loadable credit card

MaxxRewards plans to release a re-loadable credit card after the release. The market is evergrowing for this and MaxxRewards will be involved! This will be a huge bonus for the project!

These are the 4 major features that MaxxRewards will offer. Besides all the rewards, we put a lot of focus on long term health. Starting out, the main utility for $MXR will simply be the rewards hub. This is where users can come and check out all their rewards statistics and modify their rewards as their needs change. After development finishes of the re-loadable credit card, that will then become the main utility. MaxxRewards will give everyone the ability to use it, whether they are a holder, or not. However, holding $MXR will reduce the fees associated with using such a card. Any fees that are collected from this will be put right back into marketing/development.

The team behind MaxxRewards consists of 13 members. 6 Core team administrators (Marketing, Community management, Graphics and Web Design, our Coder/Developer) and 7 Moderators.

The plan is to make this is an all inclusive project. To bring non crypto natives in, MaxxRewards will be advertising as a way to anonymously spend crypto funds after the release of the credit card. This would be a huge selling point to people that have money and are looking for a new form of investment or a way to potentially keep their name away certain purchases that may require a particular amount of anonymity.

MaxxRewards will make sure that all of the holders realize that it is much more profitable in the long term to keep holding $MXR as opposed to selling it. The rewards will stand out and make it a force to be reckoned with.

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