CryptoBot is the best DEFI platform in the COVID-19 era

CryptoBot is the best DEFI platform in the COVID-19 era

CryptoBot has better and more stable investment strategies to save investors from poor investment situation in COVID-19 era.

Up to now, the number of cases of COVID-19 in the world has reached 219 million, and the number of deaths has reached 4.6 million, which is a shocking data. Global investors are losing their jobs and deposits because of COVID-19. They are in urgent need of a stable investment channel to support personal and family living standard. CryptoBot is their best solution. CryptoBot is a yield aggregator platform for Investors making quantitative investment to earn stable and considerable profits. The annualized returns are more than 1700%. It also owns functions of NFT marketplace and liquid swap. Its business ecosystem with potential development is formed through circulation of the platform's native token, BOT (Total Supply: 100,000,000 tokens), in the above functions. The mission statement of CryptoBot: Make People Wealthy.

Yield Aggregator

CryptoBot is a yield aggregator service for investors, using unique QIB (Quantitative Investment Bot) protocol to automatically acquire maximum profits through different investment portfolios from the entire cryptocurrency market in a short period of time. Its goal is to enable ordinary investors to obtain stable and considerable profits like senior investors without complex investment strategies, and the whole investment process is extremely simple. Briefly, yield aggregator of CryptoBot is similar to vault of However, CryptoBot can do more. It has more types of capital pools, including all the optional pools of DEFI. It ensures that each transfer of funds between pools can bring maximum benefits through QIB protocol. Moreover, QIB can also invest funds in spot and futures to make more profits within the scope of controllable risk.

Quantitative Investment Bot

QIB is a unique core technology of CryptoBot. QIB can forecast the future trend of cryptocurrency market by analyzing its historical trend. It has great advantages over ordinary quantitative trading bots. Firstly, QIB can not only analyze the historical price of cryptocurrency like ordinary quantitative trading bot, but also analyze historical returns of capital pools in DEFI market, so as to predict which pool will own the maximum yield in next microsecond. Secondly, QIB is a kind of tradable NFT, because QIB has an attached rate of return, which is the basis for investors to earn high profits. The rate of return can be changed through the Yield Blind Box function, which leads to different yields of QIB. Therefore, each QIB is a unique NFT. It can be sold or purchased through NFT marketplace in CryptoBot.

Yield Blind Box

Yield Blind Box is a kind of prop that can change the yield of QIB. It is an important part of the ecosystem of CryptoBot. The yield blind box can optimize the yield of QIB, so as to increase the profits in the yield aggregator and the transaction value of NFT. Finally improving the liquidity of platform's native token, BOT, in the whole CryptoBot ecosystem.

NFT Marketplace

CryptoBot provides peer-to-peer marketplace for NFT of QIB. It is similar to a NFT project, OpenSea. Investors obtain BOT by selling QIB, and also can spend BOT to buy QIB with high yield in NFT Marketplace.


BOTSwap is a decentralized exchange of CryptoBot. it is the key way to capture potential value of BOT. The total supply of BOT is constant. The value of BOT will soar when more liquidity enters BOTSwap.


CryptoBot has better and more stable investment strategies to save investors from poor investment situation in COVID-19 era. In addition, it also provides value-added services such as Yield Blind Box, NFT Marketplace and BOTSwap, so as to maximize investors‘ premium space of investment. CryptoBot will be the next generation of decentralized financial investment platform with biggest profit. CryptoBot is opening to global investors after long-term internal operation. Investors can obtain more detailed information through relevant channels.

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