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Private and Free Background Check Tools Explained.

The majority of the public aren't aware of all the tools available to do a complete background check, whether you need to check on a remodeling contractor or see who the new neighbors might be. Whatever the reason is, regular everyday people have the resources available to do it right.

For starters, it's essential to understand people move around. So they might have records in different counties and states. If anyone is running a background check at the state or county level, there is a good chance something will be missed. To avoid this from happening, it's a good idea to start with a nationwide background check.

What is a Nationwide Background Check?

Nationwide background checks are a collection of information from multiple databases collected from various state and county government databases and, in some cases, private databases like cell phone numbers or previous address records. These databases are private and not free, but the costs aren't high because of technological advancements.

The benefits of using nationwide databases are that they are instant and provide a big picture of someone's past. Any current and previous location hits should be used to do further research at the local level, and this will give a more complete look into another person's past. To start an instant online nationwide background check, visit

State Criminal Background Checks.

State criminal background checks are usually done by the state police and cover criminal records within a particular state. State checks are not free and, in most cases, require a form to be submitted online or via email. Some states like California don't provide such services.

State criminal background checks work by gathering criminal conviction information from various counties within that particular state. These databases aren't always up to date or complete because they rely on counties to submit the data, which isn't always done in a timely matter or at all, depending on state laws. They typically only include criminal convictions and not current cases or dismissed cases. So it's a good idea to check court records at the county level as well.

But none the less this can be an excellent resource to see if a person has criminal convictions outside their current county. To find state background check resources go to

County-Level Background Checks.

The county is where most records originate, and in most cases, they are free to search. This also means the records will be the most up-to-date and more detailed. There are 3200 counties in the United States, so finding the correct counties to look into can be challenging and time-consuming. To help narrow down the counties to look into, it's a good idea to run a nationwide check to help discover hits from previous locations in which the individual had a history. But at the minimum, counties of personal residences, job locations, and schools attended should be checked.

The best way to check criminal and arrest records would be through the court system. Most county courts provide online databases, and in some cases, when they don't, they will have a public terminal that needs to be accessed in person at the courthouse. What makes checking county court records great is they provide access to both criminal and civil records. Find county-level databases at

Is There A Free Background Check Online Without Having To Use a Credit Card?

The answer to that question is yes and no. For someone looking to do a quick search by name and expect all the information to be handed to them, the answer is no. Large databases like these require lots of effort to sustain and keep up to date, not to mention the cost to gain access to certain databases. Most companies would go out of business if they handed out background checks for free.

However, anyone looking to do a little research on their own and use local resources like court records, prison and jail inmate portals, sex offender registries, business records, and real estate databases can do so by going directly to the sources at the city, county, and state level for free. The Freedom of Information Act allows the public to access certain public records, and these are the same public records background check companies use to gather information.

What Is A Federal Background Check

Federal courts are different from state courts. So these records won't appear in city or county court databases. There are 94 federal district and appellate courts databases that can be used to discover currently pending and conviction cases at the federal level.

Cases in federal courts include bankruptcies, white-collar financial crimes, counterfeiting, kidnapping, identity theft, tax evasion, crimes across state lines, etc.

Consider A Social Media Background Check.

A social media background check can be an excellent tool for gauging an individual in their everyday life. Most people freely post online for everyone to see, and this can be done for free. A good scenario would be looking for a babysitter or a tutor. It would be a concern for most parents to find out that the individual is rude, profane, or offensive online. So depending on the situation, social media background checks can be helpful.

Free Background Check On Myself

Self background checks are a great way to avoid unpleasant surprises when applying for jobs or apartments. They can help verify the information in your records and prepare you for potential obstacles that may come up.

A person's personal and professional life is never safe from the clutches of online data collection. With a simple search, you can find any information about yourself that might be worth addressing. The finer details of what's out there can be revealed by searching free public records online or using a background check company.

Background Check On A Person.

You can run a criminal background check on a person, but the results you will get depend on where the information comes from. There are databases belonging to different agencies and public records databases. So the search can be conducted either locally, nationally, or both for best background checking results.

As a concerned citizen, you should always be on the lookout for criminals in your area. To find out if a neighbor may pose a threat or not, it's recommended to conduct a background check on neighbors.

Dating Background Check (Check On A Boyfriend or Girlfriend).

Many Americans have turned to online dating sites for their significant other instead of meeting them face-to-face. This is often done because people are too busy these days and can't find time in between work or family obligations, but it also means we're not getting the chance to know the kind person they really are underneath.

Approximately 1 in 5 Americans have a criminal record. You can see if your potential boyfriend or girlfriend has one by doing a county, state, or national background check.

Having All The Infomation Before You Start.

For most public doing background checks, all they have is a name and maybe a date of birth. Keep in mind that people go by different names, and some through marriage have changed them. AKA's, aliases, previous last names should all be used for the best background check outcomes.

Also, keep in mind that people move around, and there could be multiple counties or states that need to be checked. Doing a nationwide big picture check is a great way to learn this information. Reference back to the spot in this article where nationwide background checks are mentioned for more details.

Instant Background Check Vs Fingerprint Background Check.

An instant background check is a process of searching for information online through specialized databases. This makes it possible to get a quick result and can be done instantly, so turnaround times are almost immediate too!

The Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) is a database of fingerprints for more than 35 million Americans managed by the FBI. A fingerprint background check submits and compares your fingerprints within the system. If there is a successful match, an answer will be returned within three days in general.

What's The Deal With Free Trial, $1 Trial, and 7 Day Free Trial Background Check?

Many people are looking for a background check without paying or using a credit card. But the reality is that there is always going to be a trade-off. Most background check companies offering a free trial, $1 trial, or 7-day trials are hoping you'll forget to cancel and slam you with a hefty charge at the end of the trial.

In most situations, people are better off paying to use a solid database. Anyone looking to do a background check with no credit card is better off using public records databases. The trade-off here being it will take time to do the research.

Background Check By Phone Number, Address, Or Email.

Background checks don't always need to be done name. There are many options to look up people using different identifying signals like cell phone numbers, a home address, or looking up who an email belongs to. Plenty of public record databases can help with this, search engines like google and databases compiled by companies online.

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