There Are Apps for Shopify, and Then There is Twik: The App That Automatically Boosts Your Store’s Sales

There Are Apps for Shopify, and Then There is Twik: The App That Automatically Boosts Your Store’s Sales

Personalization for everyone: introducing the app that offers customized products to visitors to your store, for the purpose of automatically increasing sales.

What seems obvious to us today began 2,500 years ago in ancient Athens: Democracy, which means “rule by the people,” came into the world and allowed citizens of the city to influence decisions by participating in general assembly votes.

Thousands of years later, the internet signaled the democratization of information revolution, allowing us to be exposed to almost any possible information, in any field, with one simple click. In recent years, we have had another leap forward which makes smart use of information to produce a customized shopping experience. This leap occurred following the launch of twik’s personalization solution which allows any business and organization to offer customized content to visitors with the aim of increasing sales.

Until then, only large, high-budget organizations could benefit from personalization solutions that increased visitor engagement, conversions, and online sales. Not only were these solutions expensive, they were also complex and required additional employees to analyze data, make decisions, and implement ongoing changes to increase the conversion rate.

The Big Bang of the Personalization World –

And Its Impact on Small Businesses

To enable every business to join the personalization revolution, the high-tech company twik has developed a service that offers each user content tailored to their own unique characteristics in order to increase online sales.

Twik's personalization service is based on artificial intelligence and business intelligence components. By analyzing dozens of different parameters, visitors are offered the most relevant content and items for them, in a way that dramatically boosts sales for small businesses and large corporations around the world.

In light of the acceleration that twik’s solution provided, the company decided to further simplify the personalization processes and take a significant step that will allow any virtual store to easily increase sales. In 2020, the twik app for Shopify was launched. This app generates an automatic increase in sales on one of the most popular virtual store platforms.

Twik has become the first personalization engine for store owners on Shopify. By so doing, it launched the personalization democratization revolution, a revolution that allows any virtual store to increase sales by tailoring the shopping experience to the characteristics of each and every visitor. Everything is completely automatic.

The Sales Speak for Themselves

Shortly after its launch, the twik app for Shopify gained immense popularity and has become one of the most desirable apps in the Shopify app store. The app has also been rated one of the four best apps of all apps for Shopify by the site’s team. Since its launch, the app has continued to evolve, upgrade the user experience, and add features and apps that will sharpen the sales curve. So, if you’re looking for an app for Shopify, look for the one that will increase your store’s sales.

Increasing Sales at Shopify: How Does It work?

All you have to do is download the twik app for Shopify, install it with 2 clicks…and that's it! twik’s personalization system will do the rest. It will analyze your visitors’ characteristics, offer them each customized content and increase the conversion rate. All you have to do is watch your sales grow – without entering a single line of code, without hiring analysts and without becoming involved. Naturally, you can view your data, generate reports and reach conclusions that can further increase sales and profitability rates. All the benefits of the twik app for Shopify are available at prices starting at a few dollars a month. You can download the app for a trial period which will demonstrate the app’s capabilities in the field to increase sales for your store.

And the bottom line: From today, you can focus on what you do best, and let the twik app take care of sales in your virtual store.

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