DaylaCare: Here’s an AI Tool that Helps Caregivers Manage a Senior’s Health Conditions

DaylaCare is an AI Care Manager that connects older adults with their family and caregivers, supporting aging in place with daily check-ins to monitor health.

DaylaCare is an AI-integrated care manager that enhances the lives of seniors and keeps them connected with their caregivers through consistent and meaningful health updates. It emerges as the perfect solution to issues in elderly care that need urgent attention. The platform is an AI-integrated care manager that links elderly adults with their family members and caregivers and supports them with daily check-ins to monitor their health and safety. The tool strives to provide a simple yet effective solution for seniors and caregivers, and it leverages AI technology to unburden them and enhance their quality of life.

Anjali Thakur and Andrew Lekashman established DaylaCare after learning the gaps in the geriatric healthcare system from their personal experiences- Anjali, as a patient, and Andrew, as a caregiver. They felt that AI could significantly improve the current system, which lacked compassion and understanding of patient and caregiver needs. Together, they formed a team with a proven track record in efficiently delivering human-centric innovations, and they included insights from experts in the healthcare, management, and technology sectors. DaylaCare enables seniors to lead fulfilling lives by incorporating healthy habits and helping them stay connected with their loved ones.

There's a surge in the number of care agencies relying on digital tools to provide better scheduling and care delivery systems to caregivers. This helps them provide better client service. What makes DaylaCare stand out from the traditional caregiving services offered in the market?

DaylaCare is simple and direct - our AI just calls older adults on the phone and checks in on how they are doing. There are no apps, nothing to download, no steep learning curve, they just answer the phone and respond to a few questions. These questions are tailored toward people with multiple chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and depression. Everything that is said is sent to the person managing their care.

Today, technology can revolutionize every industry, and caregiving is no exception. Still, many traditional aged care providers and aged care facilities have inadequate resources and poor staff training. Do you think AI is the answer to a more efficient system to provide better outcomes? According to you, what is the future of the caregiving industry with AI?

Our goal is to be the future of caregiving with AI - we don’t want to replace human caregivers, we want to give them superpowers. DaylaCare helps with two of the biggest problems facing care for older adults - consistency and coverage. Dayla, our AI, will call every day at a set time, perform a daily check-in tailored to the individual, and keep a log of those results to help the circle of care identify trends. The caregiving ecosystem of today is very focused on immediate problems in front of us, but we want to help everyday people and healthcare systems find information hidden in data to make timely decisions about care. The caregiving industry is currently propped up by a hidden army of family members and loved ones who fill the gaps for older adults, but as people live longer, this solution isn’t currently sustainable in the long term.

Most experts believe that the replacement of humans with machines may pick up more speed in the coming years. Do you think AI can replace traditional caregivers, and how can it benefit them?

Not in the short term - we believe the future of humanity is a relationship with AI. We want to give tools to caregivers to help them manage their burden, not replace them. AI can take over specific repetitive, information based tasks, freeing up caregivers’ time for more meaningful or complex things.

Most people find caregiving too expensive and exhausting, but they can't help it and end up spending massive amounts of money. How does DaylaCare help in reducing the cost and making caregiving services affordable?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - DaylaCare helps older adults managing chronic conditions stay ahead of changes in their situation. Chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes make up the bulk of spending on healthcare for most people. DaylaCare helps reduce effort and cost on a daily basis for caregivers by using technology to check in on these conditions.


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