RETRANSMISSION: Liquid Crafts Dragon and Bourbon NFTs to Launch Oct 29th

Windsor, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - October 16, 2021) - Today, Liquid Craft has announced the launch date for their first NFT series that is set to go live on Oct 29th, at 12 PM PST. The launch is expected to be an important first step in their plan to redesign the traditional liquor investment market by using blockchain technology in the form of the non fungible tokens or NFTs.

The first Liquid Craft NFT series in their roadmap is called Dragons and Bourbon, with each NFT tied to a physical bottle of rare, handcrafted bourbon that can be traded like any other NFT, or redeemed for the physical product.

The Dragons & Bourbon NFT Series

The initial launch of many liquor tied NFTs from the Liquid Craft team, is using a hand crafted, cask strength bourbon, created in the clean and natural landscapes near the Rocky Mountains, Colorado. The crafters - The Heart Distillers, a team of international award winning distillers that have perfected the craft and have provided the project with something that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Liquid Craft NFTs are being launched on both the Ethereum Network and also on the Binance Smart Chain, with a very limited run. The Dragons and Bourbon NFTs are designed to be something that collectors of fine liquors can collect and expect to appreciate over time, following the trends of both the NFT space and the traditional fine liquor markets. Both of which have seen incredible gains over the last 12 months.

The Current Problems In Both Markets

The objective for the team at Liquid Craft has been to create solutions that seem to plague investors of both industries, while combining the two vastly different worlds through the use of a very simple solution - blockchain technology.

For the traditional liquor investment markets, there has always been the trouble of handling the physical product. Common procedures include potentially risky transport, adequate and secure storage, intermediaries, auction houses, brokers - the list goes on. Although the fine liquor investment market has seen some sharp increases in recent years, these steps have created a significant barrier to entry for would-be investors.

NFTs on the other hand have seen a lot of hype over the last 12 months. Although there are an abundance of use cases for these digital art forms, most NFTs currently in circulation are nothing more than simple art pieces with no tangible asset to be tied to.

Blending The Traditional Liquor Market With Blockchain

The solution was an obvious choice for the Liquid Craft team, who have combined the traditional investment world of appreciating fine liquors and mixed it with the emerging breakthroughs seen in the blockchain world. NFTs have a simplistic nature for the average investor, they can be easily collected, stored, traded, sold or resold multiple times and can be tied to physical assets, all through the use of smart contracts and blockchain.

Barriers To Entry For Fine Liquor Investing Are Removed

When an NFT is combined with an asset like fine liquors, problems associated with trading physical products are eliminated, as the NFT that represents the bottle can be traded as often as any other NFT in circulation. The physical product never has to leave the safety of the supplier and collectors can hold the digital representation of the real thing. That is, until the day finally comes when the owner redeems the digital equivalent for the real thing, which removes the NFT from the supply.

NFTs now have real value and traders can invest in liquor without the previous concerns or barriers. Long gone are the days of storage requirements, intermediaries, auction houses or brokers, liquid art NFTs have provided the solution.

Liquid Crafts Official Launch on October 29th

Liquid Craft are experiencing a considerable amount of interest with their up and coming launch of Dragons and Bourbon as this is a first for both markets. The marketing drive leading up to the Oct 29th launch has been substantial with Liquid Craft enlisting the help of new partners in the project including Coinpresso, a specialist crypto marketing agency that knows how to garner attention for projects of all sizes.

Strictly Limited Supply Available

The launch is a strictly limited offer, with the bourbon backed NFT series D&B restricted to the small batch of bourbon that was specifically crafted for this launch. The series is expected to sell out fast. For the interested investors that do miss out on launch day, there is expected to be a new marketplace coming to fruition that will include suppliers from all over the world, with options that include everything from specialty craft beers, rare fine wines and liquors of all types.

Liquid Craft is aiming to bring more value to the NFT space and remove the previous barriers associated with the traditional liquor investment market, a move that is expected to be a welcomed change for both.

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