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The company has been working with clients from all across the globe since the very beginning, which allowed its team to gain unique expertise in different fields.

Making the world better has always been a challenging task. But teams of enthusiasts like Innowise Group international software development company strive to do it and make progress every day.

How this IT company started

When it all started in November 2007, Innowise Group was just a small group of IT enthusiasts located in Belarus, whose passion was making not just any software, but the software that would help people in different areas of life. They specialized in software development in Java, .NET and PHP.

Expanding and becoming a true international software development company

With time passing, more and more people with a similar mindset have been joining the team, making the company grow and broaden its horizons. This led not only to broadening the existing departments mentioned above, but also to opening the new ones, just like the JavaScript department in 2015 or Design Studio in 2016.

In 2018 mobile development and Python development departments emerged along with the Business Analysis department and Project Management Office. At this moment, Innowise Group could provide not only outsourced software development or staff augmentation services but also the full-pledged software development services: from business analysis and proof-of-concept to a complete solution that’s ready for release.

The company has been working with clients from all across the globe since the very beginning, which allowed its team to gain unique expertise in different fields and made Innowise Group a trustworthy partner in terms of software design and development.

Eventually, this led to Innowise Group becoming one of the fastest-growing custom software development and staff augmentation companies with numerous rewards (one of the most recommended agencies in Belarus and Ukraine, one of the top 40 software testing companies in Belarus, among top 10 software development companies in Belarus) and incredibly high ratings on platforms like Clutch.

It’s not about outsourcing software development

But working in staff augmentation and custom software development is not the only vector of the company’s movement. Innowise Group is also working on its own ambitious projects.


One of those is VOKA — a custom multifunctional multiplatform medical solution. Its aim is to assist medical staff from different sides:

  • is a Mixed Reality surgery assistant for Microsoft HoloLens that allows doctors to see 3D models of damaged organs, bones or tissues “inside” patients. It facilitates diagnostics as well as planning and conducting surgeries;

  • VOKA Pathology 3D is a mobile application catalog of human pathologies. Created with the assistance of leading medical experts, it contains interactive 3D models of possible pathologies accompanied by text information about each one: its etymology, ways of detection, flow and means of therapy.

The VOKA platform has already gained trust among medical workers: VOKA.Surgery is already used by some clinics, and VOKA Pathology 3D has more than 1000 downloads on Play Market and App Store with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Moreover, it has won a prize at the World Summit Awards and Congress of Trauma Orthopedists in the United States in the year 2019 after being awarded at European Trauma Congress in 2018.

A terrace designer app

Another solution that can change anyone’s everyday life is the terrace designer solution.

First of all, it easily connects customers, building engineers and designers and distributors of building materials. This platform can easily create a mock-up design of a future terrace, which can be further altered by a professional. After the final design is approved, the platform automatically evaluates the cost of the materials needed to build the terrace. This makes communication between sides much easier and more efficient.

But apart from that, it makes the process of choosing the right design much easier and more graphic for the client. Thanks to the AR solution Innowise Group developed, a client can use the mobile app and get an opportunity to see how the future terrace will look in general and fit in with the surroundings.

All this considered

Being an expert with an ability to provide unique and creative software solutions means being demanding to the staff members in terms of skill and mindset. Innowise Group is always searching for the best experts in their field, whether it’s big data or mobile development.

Effectiveness is one of the major aims of the company when working with clients, so if the project demands high workload, the Innowise Group team is usually expanded with new specialists to provide quick and high-quality service.

All this led the Innowise team to having a lot of expertise in software development and creating unique, breakthrough applications that resulted in numerous offers in terms of custom software development from more than 30 countries. Nowadays, there even are some specialized departments that work with the top clients at Innowise Group.

The team itself can still be called a group of enthusiasts, despite growing to 700+ people. Each person in the company strives to make the world a better place and provide the best solutions he can. Even though the demands are high, the atmosphere among team members is still friendly and supportive.

Trust is another major point Innowise Group values. And it works both with staff and clients. To show how valuable the trust is, the company has developed a referral program:

  • A client can suggest company’s services to his partners, gaining profit from each contract signed with his help;

  • Team members are always up-to-date with the list of the specialists demanded. If the specialist is suggested by anyone from the current staff and passes the probation period successfully, the team member who suggested this specialist will also get a reward.

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