Google SEO - Does URL SIZE matter - Google John Mueller Demystifies SEO Rankings Due to url length!

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You're in for a treat if you've always wondered if your URL size played a significant role in Google ranking. Personally, I like to keep under 1000 characters to keep monitoring easy.

Google John Mueller Says length does not matter in Ranking a Page!

As we celebrate Halloween in America, Google's John Muller comes out with a perfect video just in time when all webmasters are trying to fix their rankings which have eroded as a result of the latest updates. SEOs pay attention to the URL length as one of the key issues. There have been many theories around the web that a short URL is better than a long one.

In his latest video, Google's GURU, Mr. John Muller, demystified this myth once and for all. Rankings aren't affected by the size of a URL, according to John. He also added that Google only prefers short URLs for canonical URLs because it is a tidy or clean way for Google to determine which page to select as a unique page. John qualified that short canonical URLs do not help the pages rank better, so don't make short URLs or start canonicalizing your site. LOL!

When it comes to Google rankings a web page or post, neither the URL length nor the slashes matter. 

While you wait for the next golden nugget from our tech news team, enjoy this Halloween weekend.

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