Money management made more accessible with Revolut business account

Revolut being an ever-evolving company, also offers you other services such as insurance, affiliate programs, loyalty program, SEPA, personal IBAN

Starting a new business takes some preparation. Setting up an online calendar to keep in mind meetings and another task is not something we enjoy. However, simplifying things when it comes to money is crucial and cannot be skipped. Small business owners who have no experience in handling accounting and taxes face lots of problems.

Even if you are using a pass-through account, keeping separate books and credit cards is necessary. Do not miss business banking and personal banking. If you fail to separate them, it will become impossible to determine capital investments and profits or losses. Also, if you face an audit in the near future, you will have the worst nightmare of your life explaining to them why you took such measures.

Having a separate Business account lets you track your expenditure and simply the taxation process. The good news is that-

Revolut, the most significant financial technology company, has announced offering business accounts for small and large enterprises with several valuable features. After getting success with personal financial services like foreign money transfers, peer-to-peer transactions, and so on, the company has come forward to assist the commercial side of finance.

Revolut has ensured that the business account they offer has similar characteristics to a typical bank's business account. To use the business account by revolut, users must be registered to the EU or EEA zone. Several features that will benefit a company are included in the business account.

The revolut business account users will be able to swap money in 30 different currencies. This means users of this account won't have to deal with high exchange costs and can receive payments in various currencies at the best rates.

Apart from the revolut, users can get pre-paid debit cards and empower themselves and other workers. The users of revolut business accounts can connect their company's app to their business account and offer a customized experience to their customers.

The integration of API with the business account will help automate payment and get paid directly from their site.

Revolut has launched 4 different business account plans that include-

  1. Revolut free business account
  2. Revolut grow the business account
  3. Revolut enterprise business account
  4. Revolut scale business account

Users can choose any of these 4 types of business account as per their business needs. Those who do not wish to pay the membership fee can go with the first option. At the same time, the other 3 options involve subscriptions and additional features.

The business owners who are interested in opening revolut business accounts can go through the application process.

Many other revolut business accounts users have said that this digital bank is an excellent alternative for those who want to get the best financial service.

Revolut being an ever-evolving company, also offers you other services such as insurance, affiliate programs, loyalty program, SEPA, personal IBAN, a multi-currency account, and a lot more. This has made revolut the most successful financial technology company.

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