Phil Strazzulla Wants to Help Organizations Find the Best Vendors for Business Growth

Phil Strazzulla was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

Phil Strazzulla, Founder of SelectSoftware Reviews, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

Phil Strazzulla aims to help companies find and utilize top technologies to manage in-house recruitment cultures and build/maintain strong organizations with the help of the right tools. His company, SelectSoftware Reviews, provides in-depth, expert recommendations to HR and recruiting teams in search of the best software.

Listen to the complete interview of Phil Strazzulla on Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

How did you get started?

Strazzulla says he always wanted to become an entrepreneur, so earned his MBA at Harvard and tried a variety of things before encountering technology specifically designed for HR. As he spent time educating people across various organizations about HR technologies, he noticed a huge knowledge gap in the marketplace. To address it, he launched a HR and recruiting software review website to help business leaders find what they need to grow and transform their teams.

What new changes are you seeing in workforce management?

Before the pandemic, Strazzulla notes, a far smaller percentage of people were working remotely in the US, but that rarity has now become more of a norm. Many multi-billion-dollar companies like GitLab and Zapier have pivoted to permanent remote work policies, he says, and this trend will continue into the future. He notes that the rise in working remotely is affording an array of opportunities for employees to reimagine their lives and careers as they wish.

How is HR tech evolving alongside remote working?

Strazzulla says he believes that as remote work increases, so do the challenges it poses for many HR departments. One challenge, he notes, is the task of managing an increasingly diverse workforce across various countries, cultures, languages, value systems and more; another is the web of local, state and national taxes, rules, and regulations around paying globally-distributed teams in a timely manner. There’s also the remarkable increase in virtual/online recruitment interviews, which brings with it a variety of issues to address.

On the other hand, he notes, remote working also brings with it a host of benefits for both employers and employees alike, from reduced overhead costs to travel expenses, as well as greater employee satisfaction in many cases. HR technologies have to evolve to keep up with modern challenges and requirements in the workplace, he says. It’s as important as ever to give companies what they genuinely need and want in order to earn and keep their business, and that can be reflected in user reviews.

Tell us more about SelectSoftware Reviews.

SelectSoftware Reviews, Strazzulla explains, is a website where business owners and HR leaders from Fortune 50 companies, small businesses, recruiting firms and more can learn about HR and recruitment technologies that can help them grow their business. The site offers expert access, detailed briefings on specific queries, and more to help people find tools to help run their businesses more smoothly.

It also hosts a forum where jobseekers can look to advance their careers, he notes.

What do you offer people who come to your website to find the right HR tools?

Many people buy the wrong tool even after researching well, Strazzulla says. But that’s OK; SelectSoftware Reviews does more research for them, reviews websites to find feedback for the specific tools they need, talks to experts and practitioners, and then provides the best options available. The team also communicates with an array of vendors before concluding any recommendations, requesting demos as needed along the way.

What’s next for SelectSoftware Reviews?

Strazzulla says the HR community is vast, and he wants to empower people to learn everything they need and/or want to know about HR tools. The plan, he says, is to help companies large and small by guiding them straight to the tools and technologies they need most.

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