Dr. Tina Koopersmith Demystifies Desire with Blueprints Coaching

Dr. Tina Koopersmith was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Innovation Podcast

Dr. Tina Koopersmith, MD & Coach at West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Innovation Podcast

Dr. Tina Koopersmith wants people to live lives full of vitality, pleasure, and wellness. “We're here to have fun and be healthy and that's my mission,” she says. As a renowned fertility specialist and reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Koopersmith’s practice also includes elements of integrative and functional medicine, viewing patients as whole beings with complex needs.

Already a Board-certified fertility doctor in obstetrics and gynecology as well as reproductive endocrinology and infertility, she was exploring meditation and energy healing when found her way toward the sexologist-developed Erotic Blueprint series, for which she is now a certified coach.

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Tell us about working at the West Coast Women Reproductive Center.

“As a women’s health physician, I never could give up taking care of women,” Dr. Koopersmith says. “I always felt the need to be more integrative, and I was asking for help from an acupuncturist’s or psychologist’s way before it became fashionable.” Of her work with fertility patients, she says, “I love taking care of women and their partners and just helping them understand why they got where they are; I help them look at their trauma, their difficulty in life… my job is to heal people and to help them get back to vitality using all different methods of healing.”

Dr. Koopersmith notes that Western medicine is not the only path to healing; while she’s trained in modern obstetrics, gynecology and endocrinology, she says additional modalities can help people live the lives they want. That’s part of why she was drawn to Erotic Blueprints, as a way to help people understand their intimate needs and connect how those needs can relate to overall wellbeing.

Erotic Blueprints

Developed by the award-winning somatic sexologist Jaiya, Erotic Blueprints is a course created to help people understand their sexual needs and motivations, seeking to understand how each person’s body accesses pleasure, what turns on the nervous system, what forms of pleasure work best for each individual, and why.

The blueprints include five archetypes: Energetic (sensitive individuals who love anticipation), Sensual (people who love all things related to the senses), Sexual (a black-and-white, goal-oriented archetype), Taboo (craving the unexpected), and Shapeshifter (people who derive pleasure from all of the above).

How do these blueprints relate to healthcare?

Dr. Koopersmith notes that sexuality and sexual health are barely taught or openly talked about in the US, if at all, and she says we can hinder our own wellbeing when we limit our understanding of such a major part of our existence.

Relating the Blueprints’ principles back to her medical practice and patients, she says she’s fueled by a strong desire to not only fix things and make life better for others, but also by a passion for teaching and explaining complicated information in a way that is both accessible and easily understandable. Erotic Blueprints offers a form of vocabulary for identifying and communicating desires clearly. Understanding how minds, bodies and energies work together so that people can better address their needs, she says, can be a key component of overall good health.

Visit Erotic Blueprints and the West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center to learn more.

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