CyberCEO Richard Rector: Treat Your Cyberbacker Like a Partner

Richard Rector of Keller Williams discusses how Cyberbackers can change business owners' lives on CyberCEO

Host Angelo Cruz of Cyberbacker and Richard Rector of Keller Williams discuss how Cyberbackers can change business owners' lives on CyberCEO - Powered by Mission Matters

Guest Richard Rector of Keller Williams discusses his positive experience working with Cyberbackers on a new episode of their podcast CyberCEO

In this episode, Host Angelo Cruz and MAPS Leadership Coach Richard Rector urge business owners to begin working with Cyberbackers now in order to maximize quality of life and productivity

Listen to Angelo Cruz and Richard Rector's conversation here.

A Life-Changing Decision

"That was probably one of the biggest mistakes I've made in my business career-- not having an assistant earlier," says Richard Rector, MAPS Leadership Coach at Keller Williams. Rector's decision to hire his first Cyberbacker three years ago has changed both his professional trajectory and the balance of his personal life and work life. "I can't tell you how many vacations I've been on and I've been on the phone", he says. "That's something that I can never get back."

With the help of Sheila, a Cyberbacker whom Rector calls his "partner, his right-hand person", he has been able to find a home in leadership management at Keller Williams and manage his many businesses simultaneously.

A Unique Partnership

Rector thinks of his Cyberbacker as an extension of himself. "I ask her what she thinks we should do--I bring her into the conversation." As a result, Sheila has been able to take on a leadership role in Rector's businesses, handling staffing, personnel, and technology development. Her ability to make key decisions has not just saved Rector time, he says. It has allowed him to grow his business profile in ways he never thought possible.

"It's really catapulted the businesses I have, because I have someone who can run as fast as me," Rector says.

At the same time, Rector realizes that both he and Sheila have a tendency to work overtime. Rector is aware of his partner's bandwidth. "I want to make sure she maintains a good balance," he says. The close relationship the two have formed over three years makes honest communication possible. "His trust is something I really value," Sheila says.

A Wise Investment

Rector remembers a time when he felt that no one could be as invested in his businesses as he was, which meant he did everything himself. In Sheila, he has found a Cyberbacker he trusts and admires. "She can do a lot of things better than I can," he says. He urges business owners not to wait to begin working with Cyberbacker.

"What's your time worth?" he asks. "Look at it as an investment."

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