Michael Morey Shares Secrets to Success in Telecommunications

Michael Morey was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

Michael Morey, President and Founder of Bluebird Network, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

Discussing his steep experience in telecommunications, Michael Morey talks with Mission Matters about Bluebird Network’s success and what contributes to it.

Listen to the complete interview of Michael Morey with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

What mission matters to you?

Morey says his primary emphasis is always on the customer’s satisfaction with Bluebird Network’s services. There, the goal is to empower organizations throughout their digital journey and help them enrich the communities they serve. The company provides world-class fiber internet and data transport to carriers and enterprises in Missouri, Illinois and the Midwest. He notes that Bluebird’s telecommunications leaders have been experts in communications infrastructure since 1999.

How did you get into the telecom industry?

In his youth, Morey says he wanted to be a volcanologist when he grew up, but in adulthood, his BS and MBA from the University of Southern California set him on a path deep into telecommunications. In the last decade alone, the brand has quadrupled in size and been named one of Missouri’s fastest-growing companies. Morey notes the three things that contributed to this success: taking care of financing, customers, and employees.

What sets Bluebird Network apart from the rest of the industry?

Being an excellent service provider in fiber network and internet—as well as overall speed—is what Morey calls the company’s “secret sauce.” Bluebird Network also customizes solutions to meet clients’ needs, affording a perfect fit that ensures lengthy working relationships.

Morey says 5 core values drive the company’s culture:

  1. Adaptability, embracing change and developing unique solutions

  2. Accountability, owning up to actions and mistakes in need of correction

  3. Collaboration, building things better together than alone

  4. Integrity, committing to perform at the highest standards in every situation

  5. Wowing the customers and thinking about the customer in every situation

What does Bluebird Network do to help its customers?

The company serves clients across a range of industries from healthcare and education to enterprise and finance, providing fiber connectivity, private cloud access, data centers, and Internet connectivity across networks. Morey says Bluebird Network leverages market opportunities and the ever-growing bandwidth demand by focusing intently on its services and financial resources.

Speaking from four decades of experience, he advises those new to the industry to learn how to quickly spot opportunities in the market and act on them quickly, too.

What’s next for Bluebird Network?

Morey says he’s a firm believer in consistency and plans to keep doing what he’s doing; the same, he says, is true of Bluebird Network. In the coming years, he envisions the brand being recognized as a key alternative to bigger brands in the telecom industry, and sees it becoming a regional supercarrier in the Midwest.

To learn more, visit Bluebird Network.

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