GenesisAI Shared Unique Strategies for StartUp to raise a million dollars in seed round via equity crowdfunding

GenesisAI is the world's first artificial intelligence platform that creates strategies and automates startup tasks to raise money via equity crowdfunding.

In the past year, new businesses have undoubtedly raised the competitive nature of the startup ecosystem. These challenges are further highlighted when seeking capital for a new business. Hence, it is not unexpected to see several alternative methods of funding. As a result, we are now witnessing a trend where entrepreneurs are increasingly seeking these alternatives to the traditional ways of raising capital.

Why Choose Equity Crowdfunding Approach?

One such method is equity crowdfunding, and since the introduction of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act in 2012, many US-based small enterprises have begun exploring this route. Equity crowdfunding is essentially when a startup offers investors a stake in their venture in exchange for their funds. It has rapidly grown into one of the more preferred alternatives to the traditional financing strategies for early-stage startups. Not only do they offer investors an opportunity to low-risk equity, but equity crowdfunding investments can turn profitable if the company succeeds or launches an initial public offering (IPO). 

Equity crowdfunding is also advantageous for startups as it widens the group of investors and focuses on meeting investment goals with smaller contributions from a large number of investors. Moreover, this form of fundraising ensures that the decision-making power is distributed across several investors and is not held by a particular group of investors with venture capital funding.

What Can We Learn from GenesisAI Success?

GenesisAI has been successful in raising equity utilizing this method. They can create an equity crowdfunding campaign that effectively raises a few million dollars of seed funding within just a few months.

The team at GenesisAI understands that pitching a novel business that caters to an uncharted market is not easy. However, there are always opportunities that are sure to arise from the path less trodden. As a Machine Learning protocol and a marketplace for AI products and services, GenesisAI has the core function like other AI technologies. It works in isolation, which has been a large part of the reason that has decelerated the advancement of the industry. 

Furthermore, with companies and services progressively seeking to integrate AI into their services, the development of AI has become a pressing priority. However, AI technology is expensive, and AI code is practically impossible to monetize. GenesisAI emerges as a solution to these issues and is a platform that enables various AI technology providers to liaise with one another, exchange information, and offer their professional services. The AI market itself is forecasted to reach approximately $2.8 trillion by 2030.

The company strives to empower the global AI industry to overcome obstacles and make this technology accessible and affordable for all through their platform. New companies need to identify large markets and create offerings that emerge as a novel solution to largely unexplored problems within that space.

"In addition to creating a unique business that targets a broad market, it is also essential to build a good company with a reliable and competent team that can support each other and help scale the enterprise. When people invest in our venture using an equity model, one of the main aspects is the team of professionals who will take the company to the next level. The core team forms the bedrock of a company, and with a strong team, an enterprise is sure to expand at a much faster pace. Moreover, a good team enables a company to build and retain fundraising momentum, and this is a crucial aspect that helps the organization continue on its growth trajectory," says Archil Cheishvili, GenesisAI cofounder.

GenesisAI Spilled Their Success Recipe

Branding is another fundamental element that contributes immensely to a company's fundraising phase that is unfortunately overlooked often. "Creating a brand presence affirms your company as a credible and reliable player in the industry. It is crucial to note that we observed that Facebook, Google, and email campaigns were the best channels to capture our audience for digital marketing. In comparison, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn did not benefit us at all", Archil continues.

Promoting a B2B and AI-based IT technology requires extra caution. Strong branding movement and a willingness to track conversion have a significant impact on directing a high volume of traffic towards the fundraising page, effectively drawing the attention of prospective funders. With a dedicated team and hard work, GenesisAI successfully attracted over 4000 investors in under a year.

"Since equity crowdfunding is a rather unconventional investment strategy, the volume of investors is relatively minute. At present, there are about one million equity crowdfunding investors in the market, and it is crucial to explore and innovate new means to reach out to them. By doing so, we were able to increase the traction of investors to our campaign", Archil added.

GenesisAI has worked hard to get more eyeballs on their campaign. They actively approached investors on the crowdfunding platform that hosted their campaign and participated in their virtual events. Let's not forget that GenesisAI also has a huge users database and existing investors to contribute to their campaign.

 About GenesisAI: 

GenesisAI is one of the few marketplaces for AI technologies and services. The web platform enables AIs to exchange data and fosters collaborative efforts for the collective cause of improving the entire AI industry. The platform strives to make AI available for every individual business. The innovative marketplace serves as a comprehensive solution for developers and companies to monetize their AI codes. 

As a startup, the company has raised $2.6 million in a seed extension round, which closed in July 2021. Four months prior to this, they had raised $1.3million in a seed round, bringing them to a total of $3.9 million. GenesisAI believes equity crowdfunding to be particularly beneficial in securing new customers and raising financial capital to keep a startup operational and expand services.

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