PatientPartner’s Latest Expansion in Healthcare

PatientPartner’s Latest Expansion in Healthcare

Written by Patrick Frank, Co-founder & COO of PatientPartner

For a moment, try to think about the sheer number of technological advancements that have improved our quality of everyday life. Most of these innovations like smartphones, SaaS, and social media platforms have changed the way we interact with others, both on an individual scale and a broader, more collective level.

In a similar fashion, advancements and innovations in the area of human health and healthcare technology have allowed a larger base of patients to experience an improved quality of life. From improvements in surgical procedures and post-surgery care to the streamlined processing of patient paperwork, technology in healthcare continues to evolve and expand with the underlying goal of improving the overall user experience of healthcare patients.

By continuing to adopt and improve upon these technological expansions — particularly those that focus on enhancing both the physical and mental wellbeing of patients — the healthcare industry as a whole can better improve the caliber of care patients have access to.

This is one reason why my co-founder George Kramb and I initially created PatientPartner. In helping patients connect with both certified physicians who can serve as professional guides, as well as other patients who have undergone similar surgeries and procedures to themselves who can serve as reliable mentors, our goal is to create a unified platform that the healthcare industry can rely on to continue bettering the wellbeing and experience of patients nationwide.

An eastward expansion to partner with more patients

When George and I founded PatientPartner in 2017, our goal was to enable healthcare patients in the San Diego area with access to a greater number of patients who had experienced similar orthopedic and bariatric surgical journeys as themselves. When our platform initially launched in early 2020, however, we almost immediately began to see correlations between patients’ increased risk for these procedures and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we knew in order to best serve the patients we aimed to help with our platform, we needed to improve the quality of our platform in order to truly improve the quality of experience those patients receive.

Since more deeply integrating elements of AI and machine learning into our platform, PatientPartner has shown its efficacy as an altruistic approach to more easily connect patients with reliable partners — those who have experienced similar surgical journeys — in order to ask the right questions and gain the information they may not otherwise be able to find. It was extremely exciting to see a larger number of patients utilizing our platform, but at the same time, both my co-founder and I knew that if we truly wished to make a greater impact on the healthcare industry and its patients, we would have to do more; we would have to grow.

Last year, we were able to rapidly expand the platform’s services to healthcare patients throughout the southern California region. Along with expanding further into the Phoenix-Scottsdale area of Arizona, followed by Las Vegas in Nevada and the Dallas-Forth Worth region of Texas, my co-founder and I are extremely excited to see PatientPartner’s latest expansion further north and eastward into the Seattle, Chicago, and Miami metropolitan areas of the US. This expansion of PatientPartner will allow us to empower more patients throughout the US by helping them to simplify their own healthcare and surgical journeys.

Offering reliable spaces for patient-to-patient discussions

Along with expanding PatientPartner to additional regions of the US, we have also worked tirelessly to expand into additional healthcare verticals, including women’s health procedures, spinal procedures, and now even cosmetic surgery.

The expansion into these specialties is coupled with the release of the PatientPartner platform’s latest feature, Discussions. This feature will further streamline PatientPartner’s efficacy to connect patients with certified physicians and verified mentors, as well as other patients who can best provide access to vital information and answers to complicated questions each patient may have throughout their unique surgical journey—all reliably based on their own healthcare profile and conditions.

Navigating the intricacies of the healthcare system is extremely challenging. For many patients, having one question answered can easily cause multiple other questions to arise, and being able to reliably and efficiently answer those questions is crucial to the quality of care and experience each patient receives. No matter what stage in the healthcare or surgical journey any patient finds themselves in, our goal with PatientPartner is to eliminate their fear and anxieties by granting them access to our network of physicians and mentors. The more high-quality information and access these patients have access to, the more empowered they feel, and the less worrysome and complex navigating the healthcare system becomes.

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