CyberCEOs Mike and Bonni Galbally Navigate Challenges, Find a Great Fit With Cyberbacker

Mike and Bonni Galbally discuss the advantages of working with Cyberbackers

Host Angelo Cruz of Cyberbacker and Mike and Bonni Galbally of St. Louis Finest Homes Realty Group discuss the advantages of working with Cyberbackers - Powered by Mission Matters

Guests Mike and Bonni Galbally of St. Louis Finest Homes Realty Group share their secret to a successful Cyberbacker-CEO relationship on a new episode of their podcast CyberCEO.

In this episode, Host Angelo Cruz and St. Louis-based realtors Mike and Bonni Galbally discuss the importance of clear expectations and patient training when it comes to optimizing business partnerships.

Listen to Angelo Cruz and Mike and Bonnie Galbally's conversation here.

Cyberbackers are Goal-Oriented

When Mike and Bonni Galbally, a real estate team based in St. Louis, MO, first began working with Cyberbackers, they were struck by their new colleagues' drive to succeed. Team members "ha[ve] ambition like you don't often see anymore," says Bonni Galbally. "Our goal is to get them where they want to go."

The Galballys attribute their successful partnership with Cyberbackers Lyn and Nicole to working together towards common goals. "They just want to make us happy and we just want to make them happy," Bonni says.

A New Normal

When the Galballys' operations went virtual during Covid-19, they realized the necessity of working remotely. They decided to partner with Cyberbacker because of the company's commitment to connecting CEOs with excellent candidates. Though the Galballys have worked with in-house assistants before, "Lynn has done a far superior a fraction of the cost," Mike Galbally says.

In the near future, Bonni Galbally envisions Cyberbackers taking on marketing and social media relations for the company in addition to daily organizational tasks, which would give Mike and Bonni more time to focus on what's most important: relationships with clients.

"Efficiency is Priceless"

"I can get lost in the minutiae," Mike Galbally admits. Working with Cyberbackers who can take on detail-oriented aspects of the business has saved the Galballys immeasurable time--not only time spent on daily operations, but also time spent on vetting, hiring, and sometimes firing personnel.

But, Bonni Galbally emphasizes, in order to find a great fit, "you have to have a good vision of that working relationship." Investing in Cyberbackers means taking the time to train them thoroughly. "Giving a little bit of grace", Bonni says, goes a long way.

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Mike and Bonni Galbally are part of the St. Louis Finer Homes Realty Group (Keller Williams) in St. Louis, Missouri. Their dedicated team of professionals simplifies the complex process of buying and selling. Find more information and Rector's contact information at

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