FlashDrive Automates The Process Of Hosting Apps for Businesses in A Revolutionary Way

FlashDrive is a fully managed PaaS running on a tier 1 network at 10% of the cost of similar solutions.

There is multiples ways to host an app today, most of them requires a DevOps team (or at least a server admin) to create the infrastructure, setup load balancers and security, add additional apps like databases or cache systems. After the app is deployed a day to day maintenance is required to update the different servers, scale resources if needed (by adding more servers that must also be started and configured) etc…

FlashDrive.io completely automatize this process in real time: during the first build of the developer’s code all resources are created and configured including databases, cache systems like Redis, load balancer and private network resources. Nothing needs to be done by the developer and even when the app is live, FlashDrive.io continues to update the core components automatically, alerts developer when more resources needs to be added (that can also be done automatically or just via 2 clicks) and keep the app live no matter what happens.
With FlashDrive.io, a small team doesn’t need to have a server administrator, or a DevOps team, to run their apps, that shorten the time before going into production and reduces costs.

The developers face numerous challenges while preparing the infrastructure before the deployment and scale it and keeping it up to date after the app is deployed. In both cases, FlashDrive.io does it automatically and can scale from 10 visitor a day to millions of visitors just by adding more resources online.

Why Choose Flash Drive?

The democratization of cloud hosting solutions really helped businesses in the last year to become more resilient against server slowdowns and downtime. But cloud hosting doesn’t mean be able to scale rapidly and, more importantly, having a quick disaster response plan in place if something goes wrong. The ability to scale is something that must be planned at day 0, before launching an app. Unfortunately, it can cost a lot of money to make every app scalable immediately and most of teams don’t do it for small projects. When the project kicks off later they may have difficulties, and even more costs, to make it scalable then.

Major cloud providers offer (like AWS or Google Cloud) are very powerful and very costly and they needs a specialized team to configure and maintain it. We are seeing since a couple years ago the born of new services like Porter or Qovery that act as a layer between AWS (or other cloud providers) and offers an automatized way to deploy apps.

The main difference between those services and FlashDrive.io is that they only add an additional cost and doesn’t fix one major problem: majors cloud providers are too expensive for small and medium sized teams, especially at scale and we see those services as a blockage on small team innovation and agility.

FlashDrive.io operates physical servers and is 90% cheaper on average than major cloud providers while providing better tools to recover in case of disaster and scale the app at growth. We firmly believe that what makes an app resilient and able to scale (backups, load balancing, Tier 1 network connectivity) must never be an option and should be included. A production ready app on FlashDrive cost the same price as a deployed app on Qovery, without having to pay an AWS bill on top of that.

If it’s not already one, Cloud computing, will become an utility for any companies. The need for compute ressources and storage space increase every year making using cloud computing and pooled compute ressources the only way to keep up with demand for enterprise. In the years to come we believe it will continue to help businesses to build more resilient services at a greater scale and we need more solutions like FlashDrive.io to help reduce the cost and footprint of cloud computing without jeopardizing the ability to grow and scale.

About FlashDrive.io

FlashDrive.io is a revolutionary app that helps in speeding up development and hosting an app while offering complete automation in real-time. It is a one-in-all solution and can be termed the most powerful app that comes with complete integration of various components. Flash Drive is programmed to work on any platform. It has an integrated component that makes it possible for Flash drive to work without any problem with complete ease and comfort.

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