Sloppy Bees and $POLLEN promise an Exciting Gaming-Based NFT System Many have Been Hoping For

​​​​​​​Sloppy Bees is a collection of 10000 randomly generated NFT profile pictures of cool and awesome Sloppy bees. Each NFT earn $POLLEN token for holders which will be used for all major activities

A new non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem by the name of Sloppy Bees and its associated $POLLEN cryptocurrency token are preparing for a pre-sale launch that will undoubtedly catch the interest of many in the global gaming community.

In 2021, NFT projects are anything but few or far between. Most of these bring very little - if anything - new to the table of the non-fungible token markets or users. Instead, they usually showcase an attempt at repeating the successes of already famous NFT systems or even older cryptocurrencies themselves. However, Sloppy Bees is a system of non-fungible tokens that provides something, not just novel, but also very exciting. This NFT features incredible unique art and is not just another quick ripoff of things like the Dogecoin community or Bored Ape clones. Instead, it is all about super-cool, super-diverse characters of bees, designed in a very distinctive style and equipped with all NFT mechanisms and so much more. But that is not everything! Instead, these NFT Sloppy Bees will become a part of an entire video game, made in one of the most popular gaming genres around - tower defense. Yes, the project will eventually feature a complete Player-Vs-Player Tower Defense game. This makes all of this a system that will undoubtedly generate much interest, especially in the video gaming circles and among those who appreciate a unique and meme-ready pop-culture phenomenon in its earliest stages.

What are the key elements of Sloppy Bees NFT that allow it to stand out among the crypto crowd? To begin with, the system comes with over 180 hand-drawn character elements and traits. All of these are not only custom-made for this project but also showcase an interesting, cartoon-based style that is still intended for adult gamers and token users. Together, these elements makeup not just diverse Sloppy Bees NFTs, but also build a fun and exciting universe for a fully-developed video game. When it comes to their rarity and the structure of the non-fungible token blockchain system they employ, the characters are just as interesting! All of the bees are divided into three categories, which are Cool, Wild, and Crazy. The Cool category comes with just over 7,000 bees, which range from 3 to 5 points in three tiers. The Wild category also has three sets ranging from 6 to 8 points, but these are a lot rarer. All three tiers collectively hold 2,750 bees. Finally, there is the Crazy category. Here, there are only two tiers and - the 9-points one includes 150 bees, while the final, 10-point tier holds only 15 bees. This shows not only a level of precise category and tier structure that the developers created but also a very fun collection system. With it, players and NFT collectors will easily recognize rarity and be just as able to gather their bees, buy and sell them on the market.

Veterans of the gaming and crypto community will also appreciate another important fact about this NFT project: it comes free of the regular hype-building and overpromising elements that so many other systems have. Sloppy Bees is not yet another metaverse - that buzzword is now very popular, but this project does not want to mislead its investors and players. Building a true metaverse is so hard that even Facebook’s Meta, a company worth many billions of USD, does not still understand how to do it - smaller crypto and NFT projects simply stand no chances there, no matter what tale they might be spinning. So, for most, if not all NFT systems, a metaverse is just not feasible. Because of that, Sloppy Bees is aiming for a fair, realistic, and completely workable roadmap to the NFT system and the tower defense game which it will be a part of.

But, as any passionate gamer out there knows, all successful video games have been built with the help of a community and this NFT tower defense is taking the same road. That is why the developers are actively working with their growing community and the future cycle of NFT holders to make it the best possible experience. Once the tokens are live and in circulation, their holders will be able to vote on things like game title, in-game art, and many more relevant factors. This dedication to community building is already visible on the Sloppy Bees Discord server (LINK: with over 4,500 members. Also, the early holders of the same NFT will have additional benefits. First of all, they will have direct access to the game’s Alpha and Beta testing phases, where their feedback will shape how the game is being made. For their efforts and commitment, they will also receive a special airdrop of tokens and other goodies once the game gets its official launch.

At the same time, this topic of earning rewards is also of such importance for the Sloppy Bees NFT project - here is where its $POLLEN token comes into play, both metaphorically and literally. Within the system, all holders of NFTs will earn $POLLEN each day they have these non-fungible tokens in their possession. These can then be used to mint new NFTs, but also do a bunch of other stuff. The project envisions distributing $POLLEN for over four years to all NFT holders. This will happen right at the beginning, immediately after the developers deploy the contract on a mint date. Once the $POLLEN launches on DEX, the developers will provide regular liquidity for it. Yet, the people behind the Sloppy Bees understand that this process will need continued support. That is why they will motivate holders to buy their NFTs before the tower defense game is finished. A part of that process will be a Christmas giveaway worth an incredible 160,000 USD for all holders of NFTs of five (5) points or more. The same giveaway should help in generating attention to the project quickly after its launch.

But, this does not mean that Sloppy Bees NFTs will be all about crypto whales and big token holders. The developers understand that any system like this is supported by smaller holders as well, which is why they care deeply about them as well. At the same time the big giveaway being, a smaller one will start as well, which will apply to holders who have NFTs with less than five (5) points. All of this fits perfectly into the wider and very generous approach to giveaways that the developers will use. Because of that, users can expect regular promotional activities that will motivate gamers and the public to buy $POLLEN from DEX and thus increase their potential income.

These giveaways will also strengthen the $POLLEN ecosystem. Pre-sale investors will get a special giveaway to motivate them to hold their NFTs. They will also get a chance to make purchases using discounts, as thanks for their early adoption. This will be a part of a big marketing campaign that will take place after pre-sale, which will allow the investors to benefit as well. In other words, the developers fully understand how much do early investors mean to them and to the project. Because of that, they plan to nurture and grow that relationship. Besides, the investors will also get a constant motivator to both trades with their Sloppy Bees NFTs, but also hold some of them when their value undoubtedly rises. Through this dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship between early investors and developers, the value of the whole Sloppy Bees project will grow and expand. Eventually, it will include things like Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments where holders of NFTs will be able to buy tickets with $POLLEN.

On a more technical level, Sloppy Bees is a very stable project. Its smart contracts are written using Vyper language. It is a pythonic contract-oriented programming language related to the Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM. In this project, it is completely unique, while others mostly just copy these smart contracts. Also, the project has a clear development timeline and a strong white paper concept. On 20 percent of its development, the creators will begin additional promo efforts. On 50 percent, the developer project fund will begin the buyback of NFTs and start giving out rewards. At 80 percent, the voting system will begin and special events will kickstart as well. Finally, 100 percent, the development of the PvP Tower Defense game will begin and the community of NFTs holders will have a frontline seat. Throughout all of this, it is clear that the developers not only know what they are doing, but also that they have a very precise plan on who the development will take place.

Sloppy Bees pre-sale will take place on December 12. The price will be 0.059 ETH and come with a 3 NFTs per wallet maximum. The public sale will begin on December 17. The price will be 0.09 ETH and include a limit of 10 NFTs per wallet. All gamers and crypto enthusiasts should keep an eye out for these dates - these are the moments when Sloppy Bees NFTs go big and go global!

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