Wallfair Technology Showcase Alpacaverse Receives Regulatory License to Operate Globally

Wallfair provides technological infrastructure and systems to the web3 industry, focusing on interactive and highly social gaming and wagering platforms.

 Wallfair's showcase gaming metaverse, Alpacaverse, has announced that it obtained its first gaming license from the regulators, which allows it to operate on a global scale and actively onboard users. Alpacaverse is powered by a gaming platform from Wallfair that provides fair, social and transparent entertainment on the blockchain.

The Wallfair’s ecosystem is centered around the WFAIR token, which is used on the platform to wager and stake. The token is already listed on BitMart, Uniswap and Quickswap.

Wallfair provides a white label technology, enabling decentralized social gaming and speculation in the metaverse and beyond. “Wallfair provides technology that is the cornerstone of metaverses built with speculative entertainment in mind. To demonstrate what our technology can achieve, we are developing our very own, Wallfair-powered metaverse - the Alpacaverse. Having secured a licence to become a fully regulated entertainment platform, we are in Phase 1 of developing what will become an all inclusive showcase of the speculative entertainment experience. The license is intended to future-proof ourselves and echoes our commitment to delivering the complete entertainment metaverse, starting with the first key feature - the Alpacasino. This will be the ultimate showcase of what Wallfair technology and our token WFAIR can do,” said Wallfair CEO Sebastian Diemer.

The launch of Phase 1 of Alpacaverse is scheduled for December 17, 2021. Each Phase will consist of 6 events and the first event, Alpacasino, will enable users to play popular games such as Elon Paca X, which centres around a mission to Mars on the Alpaca rocket powered by WFAIR tokens. Users who pre-register before launch will receive 50 WFAIRs into their wallets after the Alpacaverse launch. This way they will be able to test first hand this milestone event of the Alpacaverse.

About Wallfair

Launched in 2021, Wallfair provides technological infrastructure and WFAIR token to accelerate

shift of the entertainment industry to the web3.0, focusing on interactive and highly social gaming and wagering platforms. Learn more by visiting https://wallfair.io/.

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Alpacaverse operates globally within the jurisdictions where online gaming is permitted and those not specifically excluded by the license. More details available in Terms and Conditions

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